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Stainless steel faucet has become the new darling of the faucet industry

At the moment, 99 percent of foreign and domestic faucets are electroplated with copper. Stainless steel taps are just starting to become popular today, which belongs to a new fashion in the faucet industry. Stainless steel taps have the benefit of being inaccessible to aluminum faucets. On account of the problem of processing, the purchase price of stainless steel taps is a bit pricier than aluminum taps. But some traditional styles have attained the exact same cost as aluminum faucets. Star. The stainless steel faucet is both secure and lead-free, without rust and exudate, without any odor or turbidity issues, won’t result in secondary contamination into the water quality, maintain the water quality sanitary and pure, as well as the rust security is totally guaranteed. Field corrosion evaluation data proves that the service life of stainless steel may reach 100 decades, and virtually no maintenance is necessary throughout the life span, and this avoids the price and hassle of faucet replacement and very low operating expenses. 2. 304 # stainless steel doesn’t include rust, lead, ecological security, and cleanliness. In the practice of polishing coating, so long as the wax and dust generated from the polishing substance are filtered, The contamination into the atmosphere environment is quite modest, and there isn’t any occupational disease brought on by the polishing of stainless steel. 3. Not only has the purposes of cleaning and cleanliness, but also involves healthcare feature, appreciation purpose and amusement purpose. Concerning usage feature, the tap stainless steel faucet will be humanized. Defects of 1. If the faucet isn’t employed for quite a while, the interior wall will create green patina, and the damaging substances like lead might be published to the tap water. . Drinking water with a lot of lead can lead to lead poisoning. 2. The top layer of the aluminum faucet has to be electroplated, which brings significant environmental contamination. The surface isn’t immune to acids and alkalis, and can’t be cleaned with washing or towels that are hard. The maintenance is inconvenient. The fastest interval is 1 to 2 decades, and also the slowest span is 3 to 5 decades. It slowly loses its surface shine and numbness.



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