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Taiwan released testing standards for faucets, faucets contain less than 0.25% lead

Recently, Taiwan issued a “Bureau of Standards and Inspection, Ministry of Economic Affairs” announcement, which stipulates that Taiwan’s drinking water faucet materials from next year shall not contain more than 0.25% lead, big deer harbor area as Taiwan’s faucet production province, is in full response to Taiwan faucet market norms. At the same time, the Taiwan Water Hardware Association, in conjunction with local enterprises, launched the L.F logo and the Water Hardware Association verification seal faucet for consumers to identify the purchase.

At present, the MIT faucet industry is mainly concentrated in Lugang-Tingpanpo area. “Water Hardware Association verification seal” is by the Taiwan “Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs” counseling to establish a quality verification mechanism, there are two kinds, one is the functional faucet verification, mainly to protect the basic function of the faucet, the number of times than the general faucet 5 times more up to 500,000 times. The water pressure tolerance is also increased by two times. Another for the lead-free faucet verification, can eliminate the health hazards of 10 kinds of heavy metals.

“Tougher version” of Taiwan’s standard faucet on the road for one year, Taiwan’s “Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs” finally decided, from January next year to implement mandatory testing. Any drinking water with the faucet lead dissolved in more than 5 micrograms per liter, the body composition of lead more than 0.25%, all open to punishment * * high 2 million Taiwan dollars. The Ministry of Economic Affairs said that the higher cost of lead-free taps, starting next year, the market faucet than before the lead will be expensive 3 into.

The new version of the faucet standard using U.S. standards, more strict than the previous Japanese regulations. Although Taiwan’s “Bureau of Standards, Inspection and Quarantine” announced as early as November 2015, but in order to give the industry a buffer period, delayed until January next year to mandatory testing. “Standard Inspection Bureau” said that next year, the faucet itself must be indelible mark “LF” (Lead Free) font, and in the packaging marked “drinking water with” words for consumers to identify.

In fact, other cities for drinking water have detailed regulations. Such as “Qingdao municipal drinking water health supervision and management measures” not only emphasizes the drinking water from the water source to the tap the whole process of health and safety, and at the same time strengthen the use of water supply units, water purifiers, disinfectants and other products of the details of the management requirements. From the water supply unit health management, emergency disposal, risk assessment and other “software” requirements, to water purification, water supply facilities and equipment, water quality testing room equipped with “hardware” requirements, “measures” have been strengthened and enhanced.

It is understood that at present, whether it is Europe and the United States or our country, most of the market sales are copper faucets. The main material of copper faucet is copper and zinc, commonly known as brass, which in the production of faucets into the process need to add a small amount of lead, in order to improve the cutting properties of brass. If the faucet production without adding lead at all, not only will there be cutting difficulties, poor forging performance and other problems, even if made into finished products, but also due to poor resistance to stress corrosion and lead to cracking.

And the previous faucet “lead content exceeds the standard” event, once the faucet on the cusp of the storm. Industry sources revealed that faucets inevitably appear lead-containing materials, China’s lead content also set up an industry standard. Faucets and residents closely related to life, the Chinese bathroom network hope that enterprises can cause a great deal of attention, do not blindly profit and put down the industry moral bottom line.



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