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The 6 Easiest Details To Get Wrong In The Bathroom, And It’s Too Late To Regret Installing Them!

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There are too many details in the bathroom, and if you don’t pay attention to them, you will regret it afterwards. Especially waterproof, slope and floor leaks, these problems are the three major drawbacks of the bathroom, which link problems are very troublesome.

Today, we will tell you, what must be paid attention to the bathroom decoration.


The closed water test should not be saved.

A lot of people will forget to do a closed water test after waterproofing, or save it if it’s too much trouble and they’re worried that their downstairs neighbors won’t cooperate, etc., but I’m telling you, don’t save it!

The closed water test is the last step in waterproofing, and not doing it is the same as throwing away all your efforts and losing the effort! Without a closed water test, it’s even more of a problem when water seeps downstairs to your neighbor’s house.

What is the closed water test?

It is the way of acceptance of the home after waterproofing, also called water storage test.

After full of water storage 24 ~ 48 hours to observe, if you find that the water level drops, or downstairs water seepage, we must immediately stop the water storage, waterproof layer again, and then re-execute the closed water test. 

Do I have to do a closed water test on a hardcover house too?

Even if the openers have done the waterproofing and inspection, the quality of construction and the materials used are unknown, so to be on the safe side, do the closed water test!

Lest there be a leakage problem in the future, and then find the developer people also deny.

How is the closed water test done?

Generally do two times after dry, in the bathroom doorway with cement mortar around five centimeters of water blocking, and then drain to the ground, the height of 3-5 cm, watertight time is not the longer the better, time for 24 to 48 hours best.

Do closed water test to pay attention to the point?

1, you have to wait for the first waterproof completely dry, then paint the second waterproof!

2, Be slow to waterproof, be patient when doing closed water tests, don’t take chances, or you’ll have more trouble with leaks later.



The floor leaks need to be done.

Floor drains are not done properly, one will be offensive, the other will not be able to get down the water, the house is flooded.

Number of floor drains:

Bathroom floor drains, preferably at least two: one in the shower and one in the dry area outside the shower area.

Tiling around this area of the floor drain:

Diagonal cut pavement: as the name suggests, even according to the direction of the diagonal cut, the location of the ground drainage just in the center of a whole tile.

Four-sided cut paving: the most common is also the most practical way of paving, ground drainage as the center, wrapped around the trapezoid-shaped small tiles, tilted inward to form a slope.

Cross-type paving: the four corners of the floor drainage are aligned with the tile edges, adjacent to the floor tiles to form the center of the cross line, this paving method is more suitable for square floor drainage.

Mismatched paving: Putting the floor drain at the intersection of four tiles can save the cutting process, and is also very beautiful.


A few points to note when making a floor drain:

1、Choose a suitable paving method according to your actual situation, no matter what kind of paving method is good, the most important thing is to make sure the floor drain is at the lowest point of slope, to ensure that water can flow in.

2, the location of the drain should also be designed in advance, generally speaking, the shower drain will be placed in the corner of the position, so that the slope will be better to do. If you put it in the middle, it requires water to flow from all around to the middle, which is very troublesome.

3, buy a good floor drain before tiling, otherwise the workers do not know how big the size of the hole to be reserved when posting tiles, choose a good floor drain first, you can avoid the problem of reserving holes and buy the size of the floor drain is not right.



Be aware of the slope of the launch.

The slope mentioned above refers to the slope of the drain in the bathroom. If your bathroom is always full of water and the water can’t flow through the drain, the slope of the drain is probably not good enough.

In fact, a reliable master will give you a good slope, just in case you encounter unreliable people.

In order to take precautions, I’ll teach you a simple test method, after you’ve pasted the tiles, you can pour some water on it and see if there’s any stagnant water after a while, and then you’ll know whether the slope of the bathroom is good or not.

Points to note under the slope of the water:

1, the drainage slope of the shower and bathroom dry area to do separately, if you directly put the whole shower area and the whole bathroom with the slope of the water, then the future is also very easy to produce water problems.

2, don’t choose too big brick, the bathroom would have area pulled not big, a few pieces of brick on the pavement, bad do slope. Smaller brick, do when the slope will be good operation a lot, choose 30cm ~ 10cm or so brick more suitable.



Do not save the bathroom tiles Beaux Arts.

Bathroom tiles, it is still recommended to do beauty seams.

The bathroom has been in a humid environment for a long time, the ordinary caulking itself is composed of white cement, which is not waterproof and not dirt-resistant, and after a long time, the water can easily seep into the tile cracks and turn black with mold.

Compared to traditional caulk, caulk is more solid, less prone to cracking, can be used for a longer time, and better looking, high value look better mood!



Don’t choose a washbasin over a countertop basin.

There are many styles of countertop basin shapes, and it’s nice to look good, but there’s a price to pay for nice things.

If you’re lazy, don’t choose a countertop basin, ordinary people, or to be practical!

The bathroom is already damp and prone to stagnant water, the gap on the side of the pot on the stage a stagnant water, too easy to turn black mold, clean up a lot of trouble.

And when you wash your face and brush your teeth, the splash out of the water can’t be wiped into the sink like an undermount basin. There are many beautiful and good-looking undermount basins, and there are always suitable ones to choose from!



Odor control needs to be done.

No matter you choose a washbasin or an under-counter basin, you must remember to make an S-shaped water storage bend to prevent odor and insects from entering the drain.

Connections should be well sealed, if it comes with an anti-odor device is the best.

Do the above 6 details well, to ensure that the more you live in the more you like and satisfied with the bathroom at home.



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