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The advantages and disadvantages of concealed basin mixer

Concealed basin mixer is that the main water supply components inserted into the wall while the spout and the on-off are placed outside. Therefore, there is more free choices in the faucet styles, and also much more diversified selections for the space and environment.

The advantages and disadvantages of concealed basin mixer - Blog - 1

一. There are single handle and double handles design for the concealed basin mixers.

Single handle concealed basin mixer,  is hot and cold collection in a switch for control, a switch has been able to adjust the size of the water flow and temperature; double handle is hot and cold independent switch, cold, hot have their own switch. From the point of view of the use of habits, are generally single into the wall basin faucet more, the operation is very simple, hot and cold water temperature adjustment is convenient and other features. Double handle is generally more popular in North America, cold start more resource-saving, but the temperature of hot and cold is very difficult to adjust, not long-term use, it is easy to scald.


The advantages and disadvantages of concealed basin mixer - Blog - 2

二. The advantages and disadvantagesof the concealed basin mixer


  1. space-saving, with in-wall faucet is generally more space-saving, release the counter space.
  2. easy to clean, no sanitary corners, cleaning more convenient.
  3. decorative, can enhance the decorative space, make the space more neat.


  1. expensive, into the wall faucet itself price and installation costs are higher than ordinary faucet.
  2. installation trouble, need to ask a professional installer to install.
  3. troublesome maintenance, many parts are preinstalledinto the wall, so it is difficult to repair if there’s any problems.

三.  How to select and sell the concealed basin mixer.

  1. Choose the quality of brand products, fully understand the product accessories before buying.
  2. During the purchasing of faucets , try itas much as possible, mainly to try the switch handle is smooth, can not only pick the beautiful style, and ignore the practicality of the product.
  3. into the wall faucet size is fixed, after installation, it is good with the size of the basin / sink, bathtub, etc., so in the purchase, must first understand the distance between the basin / sink and the bathtub and the wall, so that the selection of the faucet, in order to accurately select the length of its spout, the requirements of the faucet spout can not be close to the edge of the basin / sink or bathtub, otherwise will affect the convenience of use.

During the purchasing, the best choice of copper material or ceramic spool faucet is better, because of its good sealing performance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, in short, its service life is quite long.






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