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The colorful basin mixer of VIGA faucet

In the home life, the design of the entire space, as small as the choice of every household item, is often related to the quality of our lives. The seemingly inconspicuous small parts of the faucet actually exist in the kitchen, the bathroom and other spaces, playing an indispensable role in the home life. A good faucet can not only ensure the family’s healthy water, but also with other products, to play the role of bathroom space. A faucet that seems to have no design sense, but it can also create an unusual beauty. VIGA faucet has launched a faucet with a beautiful curvature that outlines a beautiful look. Shiny metallic luster and ever-changing colors add a touch of texture to this faucet.
Faucet appearance
Elegant shape, simple and exquisite: In appearance, VIGA faucet EVE series faucet outlines beautiful shape with exquisite lines, metal texture faucet flashes, low-key and noble atmosphere, exquisite hardware accessories without extra decoration, to create the most extreme Simple art beauty.Precision plating, bright as a mirror, not only adds a layer of natural protective layer to the product, enhances the corrosion resistance of the product, makes the surface of the product silky smooth, full of feel, and the appearance is bright as a mirror, easy to clean.
Lead selection
In the era when everyone pursues beauty and quality, it is natural to have a prominent appearance. For the leader who controls the domestic water, the more important thing is the “material”. The VIGA faucet EVE series faucets not only have a simple and exquisite shape, but also a variety of colors, and the selection of the faucet materials is even better.
This faucet mainly uses high quality low lead copper, which is healthy and environmentally friendly. The main body is made of high quality low-lead copper, which has good corrosion resistance, is not easily deformed and has a long service life.
Faucet accessories
The details are beautiful. In addition to the visual beauty, this faucet design achieves the “practical beauty” of the artifact. In the selection of the accessories of the faucet, VIGA faucet has done a lot of work on all the details. From the spool to the aerator, the “humanization” of the product is achieved to the utmost extent.
Ceramic valve core, safe and durable: use high-quality ceramic valve core, pressure and heat resistance, not easy to damage; in addition, good sealing performance, can effectively prevent water leakage, water seepage; ceramic valve core faucet good operation, feel smooth Sleek and comfortable, long service life.
High-quality aerator, comfortable and energy-saving: It adopts water-saving dynamic pressure constant current aerator to ensure constant flow of water pressure under low pressure and high pressure, reduce water waste caused by debugging, and rich in bubbles, gentle water flow, smooth and non-splashing.
The VIGA faucet EVE series of faucets are simple and exquisite in design, exquisitely like art. The use of healthy materials ensures the safety and environmental protection of household water to the greatest extent. The design of the accessories is very user-friendly, showing the beauty of the details. Such a “inside and outside repair” faucet allows each user to enjoy a high quality bathroom experience.
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