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The Expo CIHAC 2019-the largest building materials and stone materials exhibition in Latin America

Mexico International Building Materials Exhibition-Expo CIHAC 2019 is the largest building materials and stone materials exhibition in Latin America, and has been held for 30 consecutive sessions. It is held once a year, and the exhibition will be held from October 15th, 2019 to October 19th, 2019. . The organizer of UBM International Exhibition Company has more than 500 exhibition projects in 41 countries around the world. The strong hosting ability and attractiveness make the EXPO CIHAC Building Materials Exhibition become a global one. One of the most influential professional exhibitions in the building materials industry. The exhibition organizer UBM International Exhibition Co., Ltd. is a non-profit organization composed of local industry associations, banks, construction companies, real estate developers, real estate agents, building materials manufacturers, and construction equipment suppliers. It operates and maintains good communication and cooperation with the local government. It is the most representative institution in the Mexican building materials industry. In addition to providing exhibitors with a good exhibition environment, the Mexican Building Materials Exhibition also held numerous lectures and technical seminars on eco-building, building energy-saving and water-saving technologies, trends in the contemporary construction industry, and overall architectural design. Anti-seismic structure, cultural connotation of various architectural trends, etc.
In 2018, the exhibition area reached 35,000 square meters. More than 550 companies participated in the exhibition, with a total of 960 booths, of which 28% were export-oriented enterprises. 126 companies introduced new products or new technologies at the exhibition. In addition to Mexico’s national participation, there are 24 countries participating in the exhibition, including China, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Spain and so on. More than 80 companies from China participated in the exhibition. Among them, more than 100 companies from Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shandong, Anhui and other provinces and cities participated in the exhibition. The main exhibits include sanitary products, laminate flooring, plastic wood flooring, floor tiles, stone, doors and windows, construction equipment, etc. There were 1,953 customers in Guatemala, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and other countries and regions, with a trade volume of US$5.97 million and an intentional turnover of US$13 million.
Mexico International Building Materials Exhibition is divided into four exhibition halls A, B, C and D. The four exhibition halls are connected. The main entrance is set in Hall D. Most Chinese companies are concentrated in Hall D.
Range of exhibition
Mexican Building Materials Exhibition
Construction hardware: plumbing equipment, heating pipes, pipes and accessories, sanitary ware and accessories, doors and windows (including cabinet closet doors) hardware accessories,                                              all kinds of pumps, valves, fasteners, standard parts, nail wire mesh, fire equipment, etc. ;
Doors and windows: wooden doors and windows, metal doors and windows and accessories, plastic doors and windows, composite doors and windows, cabinets, door and window locking                                             opening system, door and window sealing materials, sunshade (canopy) and its automatic opening equipment, architectural glass, etc.;
Stone materials: stone; interior decoration parts, ceramics, tiles and Masek;
Decoration and decoration materials: tools, fireplaces and flue, various lightweight materials, kitchen decoration; roof trusses, structural members, roofing, ventilation ducts, waterproof                                                                               materials, main structural materials and structural components, thermal insulation materials, ceilings and plasterboard, Floor, water treatment system,                                                                      drainage system; cement; wooden board and floor, plastic wood floor; paint coating; wall, floor decoration material; ceiling ceiling; various indoor and                                                                        outdoor lamps, electrical switches, sockets, wire and cable, building lighting and automatic control Equipment, etc.
Kitchen equipment: all kinds of sanitary ware, toilets, basins, bathtubs, shower column set, faucets and bathroom accessories, bathroom lighting, mirrors, bathroom hardware accessories,                                           bathroom kitchen furniture and appliances;
Outdoor facilities: swimming pool decoration and equipment, outdoor furniture and facilities, outdoor sports and entertainment facilities, construction equipment, etc.

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