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The new national standard for faucets? What’s the matter with the bathroom cabinet?

The new national standard of faucet? What is it about bathroom cabinets?

Someone once did an interview on a crowded street: When will the faucet be replaced?

One of the grandmothers said: My faucet has been used for decades, and there is nothing wrong with it.

However, a middle-aged lady said: Our faucets are usually changed when they are broken. It’s okay who would change it.

It is undeniable that the views expressed by the two interviewed are the answers of most of us on when the faucet will be replaced.

However, with more and more black workshops, blinded by windfall profits,

Produced some leading heavy metals exceeding the standard,

And after scientific inspection, these faucets are used for a certain period of time,

There are also varying degrees of damage to the human body. Especially lead overclocking is serious.

The staff of the Quality Supervision Bureau stated that the new national standard for faucets has made changes to the precipitation, sealing performance, flow rate and life of metal contaminants in the faucet. The old national standard did not stipulate the limit requirements for metal contaminants.

These new regulations are helpful to people’s health. It is recommended that citizens buy faucets produced under the new national standard.

Many people will ask, you are a bathroom cabinet, what is the new national standard for faucets?

Of course it does matter, do you buy a bathroom cabinet without connecting the faucet and put it in your home as a decoration?

Now, many distributors call to inquire and ask: What is the material of your faucet? Is it produced in accordance with the new national standard?

In fact, Dongshang Sunshine Sanitary Ware does not sell faucets. The faucets installed on the bathroom cabinets of our company are generally selected by the dealers. After the dealers carefully select the styles, the business manager will contact the manufacturers to buy. I am sorry to say that we can only do our best. Provide low-price, high-quality faucets. As for, if there is any problem with the leading production standard and quality, we can only negotiate with the cooperating manufacturers, and I hope you will understand.

We can absolutely guarantee you only all kinds of bathroom cabinets produced in our factory. If you have any quality problems, you can contact us. (Please remember to buy insurance)

At the same time, we also remind the distributors of sanitary ware that, as a professional faucet seller, safety and health are the first priority when buying and selling products.

Nowadays, people’s consumption concept has changed to only buy the right ones instead of cheap ones. Don’t think about small profits but quick turnover (which means, you can taste it yourself), keeping your credibility is king.



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