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The whiter the toilet, the better? After selling the bathroom for 10 years, I finally discovered that a good toilet has these 5 points.

How to choose a toilet? “What else can I choose for the toilet! Of course, the whiter the better!” Many people have heard this when buying toilets! Friends who say this can give up him because he is really unprofessional! How can the quality of the toilet depend on the color? Experts all look at the “glaze”!
Now I will teach you how to choose a good toilet in the Building Materials City!

1. Look at “glazed”
Look at the quality of the glaze, you can’t tell from the color, the focus is on the finish! Use the flashlight of the mobile phone to illuminate the surface of the toilet, carefully observe the reflectance of the product from the side, and check whether there are small blisters and pits on the surface. The less blisters and pits, the higher the glaze level! The higher the quality of the glaze, the better the reflectance and the less impurities, the visual experience is good, and the natural quality will not be bad!
In addition, the most intuitive comparison between a toilet with a few hundred pieces and a toilet with a few thousand pieces is to touch it by hand. A well-glazed toilet is stronger, and the surface is the same smooth after decades. It is easy to get dirty if the glazed texture is poor. Residual, there will be dirt after a long time, can not be removed! So feel the glaze, the smoother glaze is definitely better!

There is also a self-cleaning glaze, which is to add a self-cleaning glaze after the foundation glaze construction is completed. The so-called self-cleaning glaze has a self-cleaning function like a lotus leaf. For the selection of self-cleaning glaze, you can carefully observe the inner wall of the toilet pipe. If you bring a marker with you, write a few times to see if it can be erased.

2. Try to buy a one-piece toilet
The one-piece toilet process mold is integrally formed, which occupies a smaller area than the split body, and has a lower failure rate. The split toilet splicing part may cause problems if it takes a long time, and it is easy to get dirty. If the budget is sufficient, choose one Toilet!

3. The heavier the toilet, the better!
The whiter the unglazed part at the bottom, the better!
An ordinary toilet is about 50 jin, and a good toilet is about 100 jin.
The weight of the toilet mainly comes from his embryo. To put it bluntly, it is mud and white quartz powder. The two are mixed and fired to make the embryo bottom. Among them, the toilet bowl fired with a high proportion of white quartz powder is heavier, and the embryo body will be more rigid and firm! So buy a toilet and look directly at the bottom without glaze. The whiter color means that the white quartz powder content is more, the cost is higher, and the quality is naturally better!

4. Look at the water parts,
Hear the button make a crisp sound
Why do everyone say that branded toilets are good? The most important reason is that the water parts of branded toilets are of good quality! This is not possible with ordinary toilets because of the huge cost difference! Many people have experienced the pain of no water from the water tank when using the toilet. It is really heart-stuck! The method of checking the water fitting is very simple. Just press it to the end and watch the sound it pops up. The crisper the sound, the better the quality!

5. Compare the price,
Don’t consider a toilet of a few hundred yuan
Finally, my advice to everyone is, don’t be greedy for cheap when buying a toilet! A toilet of a few hundred pieces is too poor in quality or glaze! Especially the online ones with prices of 399 and 499! The toilet is really not that cheap, and you really earn it if you use it well! My suggestion is not to consider toilets below 1,000 yuan! Otherwise, it would be a waste to buy inferior products.



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