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Thirty percent of faucets made in Zhejiang are unqualified

Following the announcement by Jiangsu Industry and Commerce that nearly half of the taps in the circulation basin were unqualified, the Zhejiang Industry and Commerce Department recently opened the door to the quality of taps.

“Ceramic disc sealing faucet” is a common household water appliance that uses ceramic disc valve core as the core component to seal. Because of its convenient adjustment, good sealing effect, and long life, it has replaced the traditional spiral-lifting faucet. Become the leading product in the faucet market. “Ceramic sheet sealed faucet” is a professional term in the industry, which is too jerky for ordinary consumers. To put it simply, it is a new type of faucet often seen in bathroom specialty stores.

Recently, a reporter from Taowei.com learned from the official website of Zhejiang Industry and Commerce that the bureau has recently launched a special action for product supervision and spot check of “You Order and I Check”. The results of the spot check show that as of the third quarter, the three-level quality supervision departments of Zhejiang Province, city and county have conducted spot checks on decoration. For decoration materials and other products, it was found that the quality problem of the tap was more serious. Among the batches of taps inspected, it was found that the failure rate of taps (faucets) was as high as 30.88%.

It is understood that the quality problems of the batch of unqualified faucets are: rated water efficiency grade identification, material hygiene requirements, flow, flow uniformity, faucet water efficiency limit value and coating, coating corrosion resistance and other items are unqualified.



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