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Tips for small matters before and after faucet installation

The decoration of the bathroom and the decoration of any small accessories will also cause a series of follow-up problems, such as water leakage and water storage. The installation of the faucet can be said to be difficult and difficult to say easy and easy. The key is to pay attention to the precautions when installing it. The editor below provides you with a series of precautions when installing the faucet, I hope it can be helpful.

Precautions before faucet installation

(1) Read the faucet installation manual carefully, and keep it for future use after installation.

(2) Be sure to flush the water supply pipeline thoroughly first to remove impurities in the pipeline.

(3) Before installation, check the water supply pipeline for damage. Replace if necessary.

(4) In order to ensure the normal operation of the switch, the minimum water supply pressure of the switch should reach 0.5bar (0.05MPa).

(5) The maximum working pressure of the shower head is 5 bar (0.5 MPa). If the water pressure exceeds 5 bar (0.5 MPa), a pressure reducing valve must be installed. **The high working temperature and ambient temperature are 60°C. Please pay special attention to stay away from the shower heater, otherwise it may damage the shower and even cause injury to the user.

Precautions when installing the faucet

(1) Do not install the cold and hot water supply pipes backwards. Under normal circumstances, facing the faucet on the left is the hot water supply pipe, and on the right is the cold water supply pipe. Except for special signs.

(2) After installation, remove the aerators, showers and other easily clogged accessories, let the water flow out, and completely clear the impurities, and then reinstall them.

(3) When disassembling and installing the water inlet hose, do not wrap the sealing tape or use a wrench, just tighten it by hand, otherwise the hose will be damaged.

(4) For wall-mounted faucets, determine the exposed length of the elbow according to the needs, otherwise the elbow will expose too much of the wall and affect the appearance.

(5) As far as possible, install the faucet before installing the basin, bidet, sink, and bathtub.

(6) For thermostatic faucets, the recommended static pressure for hot and cold water supply is 3 bar (0.3MPa), and the minimum water supply pressure is 0.5 bar (0.05MPa). The pressure difference between hot and cold water supply is not more than 2 bar (0.2MPa). If the water supply pressure is more than 5 bar (0.5MPa), please install a pressure reducing valve.

(7) For thermostatic faucets, the hot water supply temperature range is 50°C-80°C, and the recommended hot water supply temperature is 65°C.

(8) For wall-mounted faucets, if heating and welding is necessary, the valve core and other plastic and rubber parts must be removed first.

(9) For the wall-mounted faucet, please remove the protective cover when appropriate (see instructions in the manual).

(10) For the wall-mounted faucet, in order to ensure the normal operation of the aspirator, the inner diameter of all pipes and fittings between the faucet body and the bathtub water outlet shall not be less than 12mm.

(11) Before installing the wall-mounted faucet, select the pipe thread according to the valve body, water outlet and shower thread specifications indicated in the manual.

(12) For wall-mounted faucets, determine the depth of the faucet buried in the wall according to the instructions.

(13) Before the wall-mounted faucet is buried in the wall, press to test whether there is leakage at the connection part, and repair it as needed. Make sure to empty all the air in the pipeline and faucet during the pressure test.



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