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Top 10 Feng Shui Taboos for Home and Bathroom Decoration

According to Feng Shui Kan Yu, the toilet is a dirty place, and there are many taboos in Feng Shui. The bad feng shui in the bathroom will also affect the whole family’s transportation and health. So what are the feng shui taboos in the bathroom? Please see the breakdown below. 1. The feng shui in the bathroom is not suitable for the kitchen. The kitchen is a place to cook food, and the bathroom is used to go to the toilet. Is this not equivalent to “feeding” yourself? Therefore When planning indoors, isolate the bathroom from the kitchen to ensure clean and hygienic air in the kitchen. 2. The bathroom is not allowed to be wet. The toilet requires that the bathroom must be kept clean and dry, and there must be no water on the floor. The toilet should be cleaned regularly. In this way, the yin gas in the bathroom will not be too heavy, and the mildew gas can also be swept out. The musty gas swept out and good luck came from home. 3. The bathroom should not be at the center of the bathroom. The bathroom is not at the center of the house, because the center is the middle house of the house, and the middle of the house is a very important place. It is mainly used as a living room or bedroom, but it must not be used as a toilet because it will be polluted. , Which affects the wealth of the family. 4. The bathroom is not facing the restaurant. The bathroom cannot be directly facing the dining room. Once the family is not harmonious, and secondly, it is not good for your health. Like Article 1 above, it is equivalent to “feeding” yourself. Will you have an appetite for dinner? 5. In the bathroom, avoid sleeping in the bedroom. The bed in the bedroom cannot be directly at the door of the room, because this will easily cause the owner of the bedroom to often not return home and drift away. 6. The bathroom is not for the door of the house. If the bathroom is facing the door of the house, it is a very unfavorable structure, because it is easy to cause bankruptcy, and there is a phenomenon of money and money leakage, and the dirty air of the bathroom and the airflow of the door are in circulation with each other. It is bad for your health to inhale filth as soon as you return home. 7. In the bathroom, the bed in the bedroom can also be placed horizontally against the bathroom. This will easily affect the relationship between the couple and the sex progress between the couple, and inhale the moldy and dirty gas in the bathroom. It is also bad for the body. 8. The bathroom is not too close to the door. The bathroom cannot be directly opposite the door, nor too close to the door, because it will also easily cause the phenomenon of financial damage, leakage, and loss of money. People in the family will often be noisy. If the house is already With this arrangement, the bathroom door can be closed, which is also a solution. 9. The bathroom should try to avoid the completely closed air in the closed bathroom. The air is not fresh and not circulating, which makes it easy to make the turbid gas accumulation in the bathroom difficult to remove; if there is no way to avoid it, it is necessary to install an exhaust fan in the bathroom, and maintain the frequent start mode of the exhaust fan 10. The bathroom is forbidden to place the bed on the other side of the wall or the bedside. The bathroom wall should not be placed with a bed or bedside, because the bathroom has a lot of mold gas, and people easily inhale the mold gas, provoking the villain, provoking the right and wrong. 11. Don’t use dark colors in the bathroom. The walls of the bathroom are not suitable for laying in some dark colors. Because the bathroom is originally lack of yang, it is not suitable for laying gray, black, blue and other porcelain tiles The walls can be laid with red, orange, and yellow tiles.



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