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Trends of smart faucets

When it comes to smart devices, kitchens and bathrooms are generally not the first to be compared by everyone, faucets and showers are perhaps the most inconspicuous home furnishings in our home. We believe most people care about them most than materials and cartridge’s quality, for how much technological content in these products, most people did not expect to bring us much surprise.

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Use state intelligent display. The smart faucet implements various operations through induction, but with the continuous enrichment of functions, in order to improve the convenience and experience of the operation, the dynamic display of the real-time status of the smart faucet will become a highlight. Smart faucets will gradually add a variety of display screens, and use conspicuous colors or hip-hop animation patterns to reflect different usage states, realize healthy and safe water use, accurately control the size of hot and cold water, and increase the entertainment of water And comfort.

Design optimization. With the improvement of living standards, users are no longer satisfied with only treating faucets as hardware equipment for tap water control.More users hope that faucets can be integrated with the overall decoration style of homes and become part of kitchen and bathroom decoration, just like kitchen The artwork in the Wei scene is the same. In the future, the appearance design with smooth shapes, dynamic and fashionable appearance, beautiful and practical design with strong design sense will become a major trend in smart faucet design.

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Change from practical to functional. With the improvement of economy and consumption level, users’ requirements for faucets have gradually changed from the pursuit of usability to the pursuit of unique design and individuality. The use of faucets is no longer limited to the traditional functions. More diverse, more personalized, more convenient, more detailed functions suitable for different application scenarios such as kitchens, bathrooms, public places will be Being developed and applied, the faucet is also more environmentally friendly, water-saving and humane. Smart faucets will develop and utilize various advanced technologies to achieve the following types of functional applications:

1. Duration adjustment. Intelligent sensing of the use state, combined with the needs to achieve preset or automatically extend the water outlet time;

2. Temperature adjustment. Real-time detection of water temperature, realizing water supply at a specified water temperature in a short time through a refrigeration or heating system, and constant and constant water temperature through a thermostatic adjustment system.

3. Functional integration. Integrate the functions of boiling water, turning off water, taking hand sanitizer disinfectant, and drying;

4. Bacteria detection. Visualize bacteria during hand washing, dynamically display the bacterial status through the display screen, and show that hand washing is complete or prompt re-washing;

5. User identification. Use face recognition and record behavior information such as temperature, flow, and duration when users use the faucet, and provide personalized services when users use it again.




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