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Unit Bathroom Design Tips From VIGA

Tips for Unit bathroom design
The Unit bathroom design, as an innovative form of bathroom decoration solution, has been widely used abroad.There are many difference between the traditional bathroom design and unit bathroom design. With people’s higher pursuit of quality life, the Unit bathroom design will gradually become an indispensable part of the home and hotel decoration.

Nowadays, more and more people like to save time when decorating the bathroom, so they will choose the Unit bathroom. The Unit bathroom is included the faucets, showers, toilet and bathroom cabinet, ceramic basin…Etc which is a complete set. It takes the time required for design, and the whole bathroom decoration effect will be better, bringing comfort and enjoyment.

In addition, when designing the unit bathroom, it is inseparable from the size of the bathroom. If the bathroom area is relatively small, then when selecting the Unit bathroom design, the size that is needed is also relatively small, otherwise it cannot be placed in the bathroom. To a beautiful effect, and it is particularly uncomfortable to use.

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After we have reasonably designed the size of the sanitary ware in the bathroom and the placement in the bathroom, one aspect that needs attention is that the color of the selected sanitary ware needs to match the color of the bathroom tile Effect will be even better.

When many people choose sanitary wares, they act too much according to their own ideas and ignore the matching between sanitary wares. For example, the owner chooses warm-colored bathroom cabinets according to his preferences, but the selected water heater is cold-toned. The two sanitary wares are very rushing together, which will greatly reduce the decorative effect in the bathroom.

During the design of the Unit bathroom, it is necessary to consider the problem of the wiring. The installation of the water pipes and the location of the sewer pipes must be reasonably calculated and a reasonable layout can achieve better results.Unit Bathroom Design Tips From VIGA - Blog - 2

What are the benefits of overall bathroom design?

  1. Ornamental
    Satisfy the ornamental nature of the bathroom, that is, to have beauty and design. Through the designer’s research on the overall style of the customer’s home and the customer’s individual needs, combined with the actual situation, the optimal design plan is formulated and implemented to solve the problem of the bathroom independent of the overall home improvement style.
  2. Functionality
    When designing the unit bathroom design, the designer will first meet the customer’s needs for the overall use function, which is to reasonably select all the sanitary ware in the bathroom and make full use of it. Due to the integrity of the overall bathroom product line, when choosing products for customers, designers can fully select the most suitable products to combine according to customer needs.
  3. Convenience
    The customer’s concept of choosing an unit bathroom is also getting stronger and stronger. Each customer wants to make the bathroom decoration process tedious and simple. From the initial design to maintenance and after-sales, they only deal with one company. This greatly saves customers the time spent in the bathroom renovation process, and reduces the probability of post-event problems.Unit Bathroom Design Tips From VIGA - Blog - 3
  4. Professionalism
    After choosing the right product for the customer, the designer will directly negotiate with the installation and construction personnel. Due to the team’s fixedness, professionalism and systematization, the intention of the designer and the needs of the client are guaranteed, which can be fully reflected in the entire decoration process. The strict quality standard system has greatly improved the overall quality of sanitary ware transformation and provided a solid guarantee for the interests of customers.
  5. Economy
    The unit bathroom design and product price system are sufficient to meet the needs of different groups of people. Due to the singularity of the product supplier, the discount in the overall purchase process and the various services provided by the after-sale service have also greatly saved “future” expenses.



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