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VIGA ceramic wash basin considerations

Newspapers and magazines often report accidents caused by severe cuts in the  ceramic wash basin explosion. In fact, basins, toilets, etc. are ceramic products and there is no chance of explosion. The reason why the basin is injurious is that the basin falls to the ground and causes chipping, and the debris is cut by the user. According to the investigation, it was found that if it was because it was not secure enough during installation or be improperly used. The basin was used as a handrail to support or place heavy objects, even sitting on the basin, causing the basin to be unloaded and shattered.Therefore, in order to prevent the basin from falling and the debris from injuring people, it must be used in accordance with the normal use of the basin.

1. In the humid environment of the bathroom space, most children have accidents, because when the children are bathing and washing, they like to play in the water, because of environmental relations, if there are improper moves, such as: one foot stands on the wall edge of the bathtub, the other foot put it in the washbasin or put your hands on the left and right sides of the washbasin; the dangerous behavior of jumping up and down will cause an accident if you accidentally slip it.
If the washbasin is hit by an external force that cannot be resisted by the moment, it will produce many sharp fragments and be injured by the debris. Usually, children should be taught to use the bathroom properly, and pay more attention to the situation of children washing in the bathroom. If they find inappropriate behavior, they should be corrected immediately to avoid accidents.

2. Change the bad habit of placing items on the basin.

3. For larger or heavier daily necessities on the top of the basin, please install a locker to facilitate the collection of daily necessities and avoid placing on the cosmetic board.

4. Usually clean: porcelain appearance soft bristles or sponges with neutral detergent cleaning, but should not be washed with hot water or directly into the hot water, so as not to crack the basin. To use the basin to hold water, first put cold water in the hot water to avoid burns.

5. Regular maintenance: The bottom of the water storage bay head can be removed, and the accumulated stains can be taken out to keep the drainage smooth.

6. Regularly check whether there is a crack in the basin in the home. Fill the basin with water and pour it into the colored pigment for one night. If there is a crack, you can see it clearly.

7. When cleaning the basin, try to use a sponge to clean the detergent. Remember not to use the melon cloth, or use a hard brush, acid or alkali chemicals or solvent to scrub, because it will form small scratches on the surface of the basin, making it become It is easy to deposit dirt with rough handling.

8. Porcelain and glass have very low thermal conductivity. If it is hot, it will rupture. Therefore, it should be noted that the temperature difference should not be too large, and it should avoid collision of excessive external force and cause cracking.

9. In the case of a submerged wash basin, special attention should be paid to the dead corners at the joint below the countertop and the basin when cleaning.

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