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Viga faucet tell you the tips for decorate a bathroom.

The quality of the bathroom is not only reflected in the current decorative effect, but also in the next three, five or even ten years of the house, so the decoration of the bathroom is a real test for the bathroom home improvement.
What do I need to buy to decorate the bathroom?
The building materials in the bathroom include: bathroom cabinets, faucet showers, toilets, basins, flushing valves/spools, bath/shower, bathroom appliances, glass sanitary ware/bathroom mirrors, cleaning products, etc.
How to choose a bathroom cabinet?
A look at the material, the bathroom cabinet is generally more expensive, the grade is higher, PVC waterproof is better, but easy to fade, while stainless steel is cheap, but the style is single, you can choose according to your own needs.
Second, look at the technology, no matter which material the bathroom cabinet, must have a better waterproof and anti-corrosion process, including some small hardware, should pay attention.
Third, look at the storage space, the biggest function of the bathroom cabinet is still storage. At present, there is a bathroom cabinet that can separate the sewer pipe and the cabinet, completely hiding the messy water inlet and outlet system, so that the storage in the bathroom cabinet is not only more neat and beautiful. It can also be refreshed and hygienic.
How to choose a shower?
From the appearance, the brighter and more delicate the shower surface, the better the product coating process. The hand can be twisted when selected, and the hand feels comfortable and smooth to ensure smooth and reliable performance when the product is in use.
It is worth mentioning that families with old people and children can consider using a thermostatic shower, not only can quickly adjust the temperature of the constant water, but also have a smart safety lock to prevent burns of the elderly and children.
How to choose hardware accessories?
Chose faucet
The surface chrome plating process of a good faucet is very particular, and it usually takes several steps to complete. To distinguish the quality of the faucet depends on its brightness, the smoother the surface, the brighter the better the quality. When buying, you must choose all-copper material to effectively inhibit bacteria.
Brass faucets are not cheap. Copper is expensive, and the price of qualified brass faucets will not be cheap. When you buy it, you should first look at the plating. If you look at the light, you can look at the product. The unqualified product can also reflect the problem of the material. A faucet with a large cast but a light hand feels that the cast is relatively thin and the quality is not good.
Chose floor drain
At present, there are mainly cast iron, PVC, zinc alloy, ceramic, cast aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper alloy and other materials on the market, among which stainless steel and copper alloy floor drains are moderately priced, beautiful and durable, while brass floor drains have the most performance in all aspects. excellent. Try to choose a large floor drain, which has less obstacle to water flow and is less likely to cause blockage.
Deodorant is one of the most important functions of floor drain. In terms of deodorization, there are mainly ground drains that combine physical deodorization and deep water and deodorization. Pay more attention to this aspect when purchasing.
Chose towel rack
Good towels and towel racks are made of high-quality pure copper. The load-bearing performance is better than that of space aluminum. The polished lines are consistent. After long-term use, the surface is still bright and new, and there is no rust and trouble. Try to choose a towel rack that is equipped with a model and integrated assembly, which is convenient and quick to install.

Viga faucet tell you the tips for decorate a bathroom. - Faucet Knowledge - 1

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