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Faucet Knowledge

Viga faucet would like to share some bathroom accessories knowledge with you.

Due to the frequent use of the bathroom in the bathroom, the bathroom accessories must be able to withstand various “severe tests” such as high temperature and high humidity. Hardware pendants are good, the most important indicator is the choice of materials. At present, the bathroom hardware in the market is mainly made of brass, stainless steel, zinc alloy and space aluminum. According to the market price, copper>stainless steel>zinc alloy>space aluminum.
High-quality bathroom accessories are made of copper. The advantages of copper are many: strong stability, high density, heavy weight, high ductility and plasticity, and can be used for various design.
Hardware made of brass, usually coated with a layer of metallic chrome, bright, waterproof, anti-rust. However, it also requires daily maintenance. When it is in contact with water vapor for a long time, the use of inferior brass with high impurities will also grow “brass green”.
Stainless steel
Stainless steel is heat-resistant and low-temperature resistant. It has strong corrosion resistance, high hardness, and is not easily deformed. It can hang heavy items. However, the disadvantage is that it is not resistant to alkaline corrosion, and should avoid contact with alkaline detergents such as soap in daily use.
At the same time, the ductility and plasticity of stainless steel are not high, so there are not many styles. Most of the 304 pendants are brushed surfaces, and 201 stainless steel can be plated after grinding.
Space aluminum
Space aluminum has the advantages of no rust, no fading, environmental protection, and durability. The surface aluminum product is anodized because it does not fade over time. It is durable and affordable at the same time.
However, the aluminum space is brittle and the surface is easy to scratch; the texture is light and thin, and it cannot be hanged too heavy and has no such good texture. It may not be ideal for consumers who pursue high quality.
Zinc alloy
Zinc alloy castings are easy to produce. Many designs and curves can be embodied on zinc alloys. There are various styles, but zinc alloys are generally not used as pendants. Most of the time, zinc alloy can only be used as a part of the pendant. A complete pendant.
2. Function
Towel rack, towel bar
The main function of the towel rack and the towel bar is to hang the towel or place the change of clothes. Generally, the two supports support one or two metal members of the cross bar, which can be hung on the wall of the bathroom.
Robe hook
The bathing ball and the dirty clothes to be washed in the bath should be temporarily hung on the clothes hook. The material of the hook is usually made of a tough material with a curved or curved hook shape, which is small in size and strong in load bearing, and is very practical.
Hanging basket
It is usually used in single-layer and double-layer structures. It is mainly used to place shower gels, shampoos and other toiletries. The triangle shape is more common and can effectively utilize the corner space.
Toilet brush
If the toilet brush holder is placed on the ground, it is not hygienic and it is not easy to clean. Buy a wall-mounted toilet brush holder, which is clean and beautiful.
Toilet paper holder
The paper towel holder is usually open type, and the tissue box is closed. If the bathroom cannot be separated by wet and dry, and the area is small, it is recommended to select a tissue box to avoid water mist to wet the toilet paper.



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