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Viga faucet would like to share the kitchen sink knowledge with you

Everyone is carefully selected during the renovation. When everything is settled, I can finally live in my own home. Every piece of furniture in my home contains my own mind. After a period of time, the 304 stainless steel with the name of “no rust” rusted! Don’t be surprised, 304 stainless steel is not easy to rust, it is not absolutely not rust, if the daily use habits are not good, do not know how to maintain, even 304 stainless steel is not flawless. Here, let’s talk to you about the rusting of the stainless steel sink.
The reason of stainless steel sink rust.
1 stainless steel sink is generally not easy to rust, the situation of rust spots is generally after the renovation, because the new house is decorated with water pipes often have iron filings and rust water, these impurities precipitate on the surface of the sink to form rust spots.
2 Renovation workers often pour chemical paint into the sink, and do not clean it in time, or often soak heavy metal tools, which is one of the reasons for the rust of the sink.
3 often use the kitchen, do not pay attention to the maintenance of the stainless steel sink, pour some lemon juice, melon vegetables, noodle soup, etc. into the sink, then the surface of the stainless steel adheres to the organic juice, in the case of water and oxygen, constitutes organic acid, organic acid for a long time Corrosion on the metal surface produces rust because it destroys the protective film on the stainless steel surface.
How to solve the problem of rust in stainless steel sink
1 toothpaste: The best way to remove rust is the necessities in this life – toothpaste. First, wet the place with rust with water, then squeeze out the toothpaste and gently scrub with a soft cloth, then rinse with water, repeat it several times until the rust is removed, try Bailing!
2 white vinegar: let white vinegar cover the rust area evenly, can be used together with salt, because white vinegar contains acetic acid, rust and acetic acid will react.
3 stainless steel cleaner: stainless steel cleaner is mainly used to clean stainless steel, pot bottom, hood, tile stains, etc., there are many online sales, cabbage prices, easy to use and cheap, easy to remove rust.
Sink installation tips
1When installing, remind the master not to pour lime water into it, to avoid corrosion of the surface and affect the use of the sink.
2 When installing the faucet, you can first put the water inside the pipe and then connect the faucet. Generally, the new water pipe will have some impurities to avoid blocking the water outlet in front of the faucet.
3 There is a aerator in front of the faucet. If the water is small for a period of time, it can be taken off and the filter of the aerator can be taken off.
4 After the installation of the sink is completed, if it has not been used yet, consider the safe use of water and electricity. Close the faucet angle valve or go out and remember to close the main gate.
Daily maintenance of the sink
1 Clean the sink to avoid using a steel brush or a rough brush to avoid scratching the surface of the sink.
2 The sink should be cleaned frequently, use a neutral detergent and gently scrub.
3 The sink should avoid contact with bleach or soap for a long time.
4 After using the water tank, clean it with water and wipe it dry. Do not let water droplets remain on the surface. High iron content water may cause brownish red water on the surface of the water tank.
5 Do not use steel balls or abrasive materials to clean the sink. Otherwise, metal particles may adhere to the basin wall. It will be prone to rust spots and affect the service life of the sink.
Viga faucet would like to share the kitchen sink knowledge with you - Faucet Knowledge - 1



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