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VIGA Kitchen mixer with filter

Kitchen faucets are the building materials that every household must use. Since domestic tap water is indirect drinking water, for many well-equipped commercial houses in the city, an additional water purification system will be added to meet the needs of the head of household for healthy living. Households without a water purification system nowadays also like to buy independent water purification equipment to improve the water quality of their families.
In general, the addition of water purification equipment requires an additional faucet. Most of the water purification equipment faucets are installed on both sides of the kitchen sink. In addition to the trouble of water supply, it also takes up extra kitchen space, which is very inconvenient. VIGA kitchen faucet is designed to integrate direct drinking and washing functions into one faucet, which not only saves space, but also has more humanized features.
It combines two functions of direct drinking and washing. VIGA kitchen faucet is designed with a unique dual water outlet nozzle that is easy to use and ensures safe and healthy drinking water.
The overall appearance of the product, although not much different from the traditional kitchen faucet, but its stylish appearance gives a refreshing feeling, revealing a simple functional design in a simple shape.
Due to the various functional factors, the design of the dual control valve is adopted on the control valve of the faucet. The traditional one is a control valve that controls the hot and cold flow of the faucet, which is similar to a normal kitchen faucet. The other end uses a control valve that controls the drinking water and washing water. Unlike the other, the control valve has a sleek design that gives the sleek and simple atmosphere.
The faucet control valve logo is concise and clear, allowing the user to quickly understand the mode of operation.
In appearance, the tap of the faucet is obviously widened and flat-shaped, and the design of the two functions of direct drinking and washing is well interpreted in this part. The front part is the water outlet of the washing water with the aerator, and the water outlet of the rear part is convex, which is the outlet of the straight drinking water. So designed to form a certain gap with the washing water outlet, effectively preventing cross-contamination of straight drinking water and washing water.
The design of the faucet effectively avoids the secondary pollution of the washing water, so that you and your family are far away from the harmful metals such as lead and arsenic. The independently designed water purification pipeline can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, and can block the pollution of water quality by harmful substances such as oil, bacteria, viruses, oxygen and ultraviolet rays, and ensure the clean and hygienic drinking water.
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