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Faucet Knowledge

VIGA takes you to understand the dangers of metal over-standard faucets.

In the past 2013, the topic of the plumbing and sanitary industry is the star, non-faucet products. The faucet “lead exceeding the standard” and “hexavalent chromium exceeding the standard” set off an uproar in the industry, which not only made many consumers have doubts about the quality of the faucet, but also triggered the people’s honesty and torture for the entire plumbing and sanitary industry.

Metal exceeds the standard “killer” in the faucet, or buy insurance for health
When is the quality of the storm, when are consumers worried?
In July 2013, a number of domestic companies, led by Supor, were exposed to “lead exceeding the standard”. For a time, people “talk about lead color change.” Although there was no shortage of artificial speculation during the period, in the process of testing the sample cups of various enterprises, the fact that the hexavalent chromium of Supor faucet exceeded the standard was revealed, which caused consumers to fall into product quality panic again.
Originally thought that the new national standard for the faucet was just around the corner, the faucet metal over-standard event will be reduced, but unexpectedly the storm will start again. In January 2014, the Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the “Monitoring of Water Mouth Quality in the Circulation Field”. The unqualified rate exceeded 60%. Moen, American Standard, Kohler and other international first-line brands all became the protagonists of the quality black list. The amount of faucets that exceed the standard for daily use has become an invisible health killer in the family.
In the same period, China’s first consumer research report on water treatment products was released. According to the household survey report of first-tier cities, only 25% of users expressed satisfaction with tap water in their homes, and 49.6% of users were suspicious of running water in their homes. In this regard, perhaps it is impossible to blame one-sided responsibilities for the quality of the faucet, but the problem of faucets on the market is an indisputable fact. These products invisibly affect people’s health and consumers’ trust in the company.
Why do faucets frequently show quality turmoil? There is no shortage of regulatory responsibility in the industry, but the development of corporate profitability is also one of the culprit.
Product demand is increasing, companies need to strictly control quality
Faced with the issue of product integrity, from one side, it also gave some excellent products of high-quality brands a self-certifying opportunity, which will bring more development opportunities for these enterprises. In recent years, with the acceleration of national urbanization, the demand for taps has increased. According to industry analysts, the market size of taps is expected to double in the next five years.
From this point of view, the development and profit margins of the faucet companies are considerable. In the fierce market competition, these high-quality products and their manufacturers will win the trust of more consumers with good quality, because good “quality” is always an important criterion to win consumers’ trust.
In addition, with the introduction of the new national standard GB18145 for ceramic faucets, some developmental chaos in the faucet and even the entire plumbing and sanitary ware industry will be governed. It is reported that the new national standard will increase the detection category of faucet metal content to 17 types. In addition to lead, heavy metals such as chromium and nickel will also become key targets. Moreover, the limits and detection methods for metal contaminants are consistent with US standards.
After the introduction of the new standard, whether some industry chaos will be completely removed remains to be seen, but it is certain that the product-related health and environmental protection index will be greatly improved when the metal content of the nozzle is limited, from the source. The health will also provide consumers with a genuine “health insurance”.



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