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VIGA teaches you how to choose good bathroom hardware.

Bathroom hardware in modern homes usually includes soap nets, soap dishes, cup holders, towel rings, towel racks, towel racks, paper towel holders, clothes hooks, racks, etc. These gadgets are versatile in shape and rich in materials. Everyone summed up the elements of the purchase of bathroom hardware, the comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of different bathroom hardware, and the purchase considerations.

The elements of bathroom hardware:

Material: all copper, stainless steel, aluminum and copper-zinc alloy, etc., all copper (giant), aluminum (easy oxidation) is not recommended to buy, not copper and steel 304 durable high price, elegant alloy. Pipe fittings: hollow tubes and solid tubes, these are used for hanging light towels, towels, toilet paper, put, washing, cosmetics, lightweight items, enough to choose hollow tubes.

How to judge the quality of the coating:

A look: In general, the brighter and more delicate the surface, the more obvious the mirror effect, the better the plating process is handled;

Second listen: listen to the introduction of several brand guides, mainly the introduction of the coating, good bathroom hardware not only experienced the previous grinding, polishing, dust removal, but also as many as six or seven layers of nickel and chrome plating Process, the more plating, the better the quality;

Three grips: You can use the grip method to see the quality of the material. Some merchants will use the cast iron material to impersonate copper or copper-zinc alloy hardware. After holding the hardware for two or three seconds, the fog and traces will disappear quickly. The judgment is copper. If the fog and traces are not scattered for a long time, the material is likely to be non-copper.

Comparison of different bathroom hardware:

First, raw materials

Inferior products: generally use inferior zinc alloy reclaimed materials as raw materials, and cut corners to reduce costs, loose structure, light weight, feel frivolous.

Excellent products: generally use fine polished pure copper, high-quality zinc alloy or titanium alloy as raw material, the structure is strict, the weight is heavy, and the hand feel is thick. Raw materials are preferably pure copper.

Second, die casting, finishing process

Inferior products: small die-casting machine and simple machine tool, insufficient pressure, pores on the surface of the product, pores, cracks and surface inequality, rough polishing process, simple process.

Excellent products: Large-scale precision computer controlled die-casting machine tools and digital precision machine tools, the surface of the blank is smooth, flat, no pores, silky defects, etc. The grinding and throwing process is rigorous and the process is numerous.

Third, plating

Inferior products: The plating layer is thin and uneven, the structure is loose, the bonding force is poor, and the gloss is faint. Because it is directly chrome-plated on the blank, the surface is easily rusted, worn, blistered and peeled off after a period of use. The thickness of the coating is less than 20 microns, the material inside is easily oxidized by air, and the surface of the coating is often scratched and burred.

Excellent product: strictly in accordance with the national electroplating process standard, imported raw copper, and has been coated with copper, nickel plating and chrome plating. It has bright luster and thick visual sense. It is not worn, rusted, blistered or peeled off for a long time. Fresh. The structure is compact, the coating is uniform, the “color surface” is crisp, the thickness of the coating is generally above 30 microns, and the surface of the coating is free from scratches and burrs.

Fourth, accessories

Inferior products: fasteners use iron screws, easy to rust, glass products use domestic low-grade products, uneven thickness, low transparency, visual turbidity.

Excellent products: stainless steel screws or copper screws are used for fasteners. The glass products are made of imported glass rings and discs, with uniform thickness, high transparency and clear visual sense.

Five, packaging

Inferior products: The packaging uses poor raw materials, the printing is rough, the trademark is not clear, eye-catching, and generally no manufacturer is indicated in the package, or even the “three no” products of white skin packaging.

Excellent products: beautiful packaging design, exquisite printing, clear and eye-catching trademarks, all of which are marked with the manufacturer and the detailed address. The quality inspection book and installation manual are included.

Six, after sales service

Inferior products: No after-sales service, there is no effective installation manual or quality assurance book.

Excellent products: Generally, there is a solemn commitment of 3-5 years of quality assurance, and there is an effective quality assurance book, inspection mark, installation instructions and address of the manufacturer.

Seven, selling point display expansion service

Inferior goods: There is no unified selling point display, the display boards are often patchwork, the production is rough, the product market price is chaotic, and generally there is no special agent (distribution).

Excellent products: unified design, beautiful display of selling points, excellent display boards, market specifications, uniform price, generally set up special agents (distribution).
VIGA is a good choice for you.

VIGA teaches you how to choose good bathroom hardware. - Faucet Knowledge - 1



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