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VIGA teaches you how to choose some inconspicuous bathroom hardware.

There is a saying that the details determine success or failure. And we tend to ignore a lot of details. For example, when we buy bathroom products, we often only look at the big parts like bathtubs,

toilets, basins, etc., but often overlook the bathroom hardware. . This brings a lot of bad experiences to our use. Therefore, we should still pay attention to the supporting role in these bathrooms.

The following VIGA will teach you how to choose these inconspicuous bathroom hardware.

Product structure performance. The high-quality bathroom hardware products have a stable and firm structure, and the hands are shaken up and down and left and right without loosening. The

product is reasonable and user-friendly. Followed by the surface of the product. High-quality products will be surface treated, the surface is generally bright chrome, in order to meet the consumer

requirements of individual decoration, there are also some products made of antique color, gold treatment, the surface is uniform, smooth, no color, no shedding, and through 24 hours of acidity Salt

spray test, up to 10 or above.

Material and accessories of the product. High-quality products use copper as the main material, because copper will never rust and oxidize, which can ensure the long service life of the product, and

has high recycling value. For the purchase of faucets, the cartridge and faucet of the product are especially emphasized. The spool is quite a human heart that controls the entire faucet switch.


The above points are some places that we should pay attention to when choosing sanitary products. In fact, no matter what kind of material is the bathroom hardware, it is recommended to choose

the regular manufacturer to ensure that the bathroom hardware appearance is gorgeous and the decoration performance is strong. It is a long service life. This will give us a better experience and

make life more comfortable. More information is welcome to VIGA official website.

VIGA teaches you how to choose some inconspicuous bathroom hardware. - Faucet Knowledge - 1



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