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Faucet Knowledge

VIGA teaches you how to clean and maintain the shower faucet.

The showers that are seen on the market today are mostly stainless steel surfaces, and the cleaning of such materials is relatively simple. But at the same time it also highlights a problem. Often when cleaning the shower, we only care about the cleanliness of the surface and completely ignore the cleaning inside. The surface cleaning can only give us a visual enjoyment. The inside cleaning can have a comfortable shower feeling. The main and secondary needs to be distinguished. There is no conflict between internal and external repairs. What are the differences between the two?

Shower faucet, correct cleaning steps, surface cleaning, palliative
First, clean the water inlet
When water is released for a long time, some granular objects in the water inlet pipe or tap water are difficult to come out from the water outlet hole, it is easy to block the water outlet hole, remove the shower nozzle, gently shake the water inlet downward, and pour out the inside. Miscellaneous. Pay attention to the accessories when removing the nozzle.
Second, clean the nozzle dirt
1. The shower nozzle diverts the water column out of a plurality of water outlet holes, reducing the impact on the skin and achieving a massage effect. When cleaning, you can use small objects around you, such as sewing needles for sewing. The needles are pierced one by one into each water outlet hole, so that the scale falls off the inner wall of the water outlet hole, and then the water is poured into the nozzle from the water inlet, and the water is poured out after shaking and washing, so that the scale is sufficiently cleaned. Shower, correct cleaning steps, surface cleaning, palliative
Shower, correct cleaning steps, surface cleaning, palliative
The method described above does not require too complicated tools, and the more troublesome thing is to clean one by one. However, when cleaning, the nozzle needs to be disassembled. How can the shower nozzle that cannot be dismantled be broken? Many people know that vinegar can be used to clean the inner wall of the kettle. Because vinegar can dissolve scale, the shower nozzle can also be cleaned. .
2. Select a container that can put down the nozzle, pour white vinegar, toilet bowl or special scale cleaner such as mild acid, put the end of the nozzle water into the bubble for a period of time (3-4 hours is appropriate) Use a small toothbrush or other clean brush to brush, then rinse with water.
Shower, correct cleaning steps, surface cleaning, palliative
One thing to note about using this method is to use a weak acid instead of a strong acid. The nozzles generally have a plating layer on the surface, or other parts are made of metal. When exposed to strong acid, the nozzle will be corroded.
3. After rinsing with water, wipe the scale around the water hole and the surface with a rag to meet the “stubborn” deposits. Do not use the needle, scrape it with your nails until it falls off, and then clean it with a rag.
Shower, correct cleaning steps, surface cleaning, palliative
Of course, in order to maintain a long service life, only pay attention to the shower nozzle cleaning is not enough, especially for the plating surface of the nozzle, but also daily maintenance: after use, often wipe with a clean soft cloth (preferably Take a little bit of flour and wipe the surface) to make the surface look as clean as new.

VIGA teaches you how to clean and maintain the shower faucet. - Faucet Knowledge - 1



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