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VIGA teaches you how to deal with the problem of water leakage in the sink faucet

Leakage of sink faucets is a common problem in daily life. Many people are not very concerned about this problem, but the sink faucet leaks for a long time, and the accumulation of less is too much, which will cause a lot of waste. Because the frequency of use of the sink faucet is high, it is normal for the water leakage problem to occur. What should we do when the faucet leak?
How to do the faucet leaking
1. First, when the valve core is closed, the faucet still effluent, which it may be caused by the looseness of the pressure cap or the deformation of the rubber ring at the bottom of the valve core. Everyone needs to understand. For the former, it is recommended to remove the handle and the decorative cover and re-tighten the pressure cap. For the latter case, it is recommended to take out the valve core, check the condition of the rubber ring, and then re-install.
2. Sometimes water seeps out from around the valve plug and you should be patient when handling it. This phenomenon may be caused by loose or offset spool. It is recommended to remove the valve plug and reinstall it once.
3. If the bottom of our faucet leaks, the treatment caused by the O-ring not being installed or deformed is even simpler. It is recommended to unscrew the hose and see if the O-ring is loose. If it is loose, reinstall it. If the O-ring is found to be deformed, it is recommended to replace the O-ring.
What are the reasons for the faucet leaking?
1. The faucet aerator leaks
Leakage around the faucet aerator is mainly due to worn or aged gaskets of the faucet aerator. Generally, there are washers in the faucet. In different brands, the quality of the rubber flat washers are also very different, but in this case, just replace the rubber flat washer. Remove the old rubber flat washer and replace it with a new one. Pay attention to the size of the rubber flat washer. Some faucet washers are fixed with nuts and screws. Pay attention to the observation before replacement, disassemble after loosening, and remove with brute force.
2. The faucet is not tight
If the faucet is still leaking after replacing the gasket, it is likely that there is a problem with the ceramic piece under the gasket. Then it is necessary to replace the corresponding ceramic valve core. If most of your Moen faucets are constant core spools, the transmission rods are made of stainless steel; the overall injection seal can adapt to various environments, ensuring that the faucet will not leak when the environment is poor.
3. Leakage in other places
If there is always a gap in the faucet that leaks, the cause may be damage to the O-ring. The O-ring is at the position where the base is connected to the faucet. If it is damaged, replace the O-ring by the above steps. In addition, the water leakage of the faucet may also be damaged by the water sealing tape of the faucet. At this time, it is necessary to replace the water sealing tape. After the faucet is removed, the wind-printed tape can be wound 5-6 times in the threaded portion to solve the problem.
How to prevent water leakage from the faucet:
1. The purchase of taps
The overall structure of the faucet is divided into a valve core, a main body and a surface layer. The cartridge is the part that controls the flow of water in and out. It is the heart of the faucet. You can see it here if it is durable.
Ceramic cartridge
At present, the ceramic valve core is the most suitable valve core material, and it is also widely used by many faucet manufacturers. It is the most cost-effective, because it is easy to take, and wear-resistant, hot and cold temperatures can be adapted for a long time. Although the impurities in the water may cause damage to the ceramic valve core, the tap water used by the residents is of good quality and can basically ignore this factor.
Brass cartridge
Brass is the most suitable faucet material, which has antibacterial effect. Among them, H59 copper is the most suitable, lead content is also qualified, H62 copper and lead content is less and more corrosion resistant; stainless steel can be lead-free, use 304 food grade stainless steel material, Long-term contact with drinking water.
2. The strength of the control switch faucet
When using the faucet, be sure to control the strength of the switch faucet, because the spool has been adjusted to open and close the angle. Excessive force is often used to open the faucet cartridge, which will cause damage to the spool and cause faucet dripping or leaking.
In addition, before the decoration and installation of the faucet, the sand in the inlet pipe should be drained as much as possible, and then the inlet pipe of the faucet should be connected to prevent the water from leaking into the faucet and causing water leakage.
3. Timely replacement
No matter how good the faucet, under the long-term corrosion of tap water, various problems will arise. Therefore, it is best to replace it after using the faucet for about 5 years.

VIGA teaches you how to deal with the problem of water leakage in the sink faucet - Faucet Knowledge - 1



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