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VIGA teaches you how to disassemble the hot and cold water faucet?

In our lives, there are many things that must be replaced if there is a problem. For example, the faucet is a common item in the home, which is very important for our life. If there is a problem with the faucet, it must be After dismantling, let’s talk about how to disassemble the hot and cold water taps and the precautions for using the hot and cold water faucet. Let’s take a look.

How to disassemble the hot and cold water faucet
1. Turn off the main switch. Find the red and blue dots under the handle. When you open it by hand, a small hole is revealed.
2. Observe the inside of the hole with a flashlight and see if the fixing screw inside is a cross or a word, use a corresponding screwdriver to loosen it. The screw of a few brands is the inner square hole (such as Moen), which is more troublesome. When there is no tool, be careful not to damage the screw port with other alternative tools that can be removed.
3. When you loosen the screw, you can remove the handle.
4. At this point, you see a large copper nut. After removing the nut with a large movable wrench, you can remove the spool of the faucet.
5. Observe whether the copper plane under the valve core is uneven or has fine sand particles and clean it. Remove the rubber seal on the flat surface to see if it is damaged.
6. Generally speaking, the hot and cold faucet has good integrity and high reliability. Therefore, after opening, often no obvious problem can be found. At this time, it is enough to change a spool.
7. Finally, install in reverse according to the above procedure.

Precautions for use of hot and cold water faucets
1. Some household kitchen hot and cold water faucets are connected with the basin, so the hose under the faucet is very deep inside the tube, so it takes a certain amount of effort to disassemble. Therefore, when we install, the spool seat may be screwed to the main body of the faucet. You can use a relatively long screwdriver to unscrew the screw counterclockwise from below, and then push the plug seat and the high pressure hose up from the bottom. Pay attention to the top when avoiding damage to the seal on the valve seat and then disassembling. hose;
2. Some inlet hoses have a long service life, and the embrittlement or rusting of the fasteners may cause the inlet hose to be unscrewed at one time. After dropping two or three drops of oil on the rusted part, remove the basin faucet.
3. After closing the hot and cold water faucet in the kitchen, the water at the outlet also keeps flowing, and it can’t stop at all. This is usually a problem with the inlet valve spool. The seal is damaged at the bottom of the valve plug, the seal is damaged or the pipe is damaged. This can be caused by the presence of impurities in the scratched spool.

The above is the whole knowledge about how to disassemble the hot and cold water taps and the precautions for the use of hot and cold water taps. The hot and cold water faucets are very important for our life. With the hot and cold water faucets, there is a lot of convenience in our life, so it is very important to buy a good quality hot and cold water tap.



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