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VIGA teaches you how to replace the shower hose yourself at home.

Leaking water from the shower hose is a very common phenomenon in family life. How to change the shower hose is a problem for some people, so let’s talk about how to operate.

1. The shower head is leaking at the steering ball

In this case, there is no need to replace the hose of the shower. We need to replace some parts inside the shower head. In general, the shower head needs to be unscrewed from the steering ball. Then find the circular or circular seal inside. Then replace the seal and turn the shower head back into place. Because in this case, the shower hose is not broken.

2, the overall replacement of the shower hose

I am sure that the hose of the shower has been damaged and a replacement is required. First we should purchase a shower hose of the same size. Then remove the two ends of the hose. The first step is to remove the valve portion of the entire water pipe, and then remove the portion of the entire hose that is connected to the shower head. This way we get a separate shower hose. Like the shower hose we bought before, install it back in the way it was removed. The entire shower hose replacement process is complete.

3, the maintenance method of the shower hose

The life of hoses of different materials is of course different. We should first choose a good quality hose, and secondly, we must carry out maintenance on the hose during the use. Try not to wrap the hose. Also, when not in use, hang the hose on the corresponding rack. Do not place the shower over the switch so that the entire shower hose is prone to entanglement. And in the process of use must not be pulled repeatedly.




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