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Faucet Knowledge

VIGA teaches you how to solve incorrectly installed faucet.

During the installation phase of the faucet, there will be more or less small situations, such as sand left in the faucet tube, improper installation of the faucet, etc. Today we will study how to solve the improper installation of the faucet.

1, How to solve the improper installation of the faucet

Take control of the installation program. If you hire a master to install it, you can visit and study it. If you install it yourself, familiarize yourself with the process and prepare for it before the installation. During installation, the faucet should be matched with the connector of the inner wire without winding the raw material tape. Check whether there is any problem with the inner wire of the connector, whether the faucet is installed straight, and remove the faucet after making sure that it is correct. Wind the raw material tape, just the right amount. After wrapping, compact the raw material tape again and again, and then install it.

2, How to solve the faucet installation is not correct

If the installed faucet is not correctly installed, you can refer to the steps of the first step to re-compare, correct, wind the raw material tape, reinstall the faucet, and ensure that the installation is straight. When installing the faucet, pay attention to the length of the remaining thread, and repeatedly adjust the tightness to avoid too loose, which will cause automatic loosening in the later stage and easy to be distorted. Too tight may cause the nut to slip.

3, How to solve the faucet installation is not the third step

Repeat the above two steps and the installation is still incorrect. Confirm whether the problem is the inner wire connector. If the inner wire interface of the faucet is damaged, try a new one.

Improper installation of the faucet may not affect normal use, but it will often greatly reduce the aesthetics and comfort. Mastering the above installation tips can avoid the various problems of incorrect installation of the faucet. Come and learn from it.

VIGA teaches you how to solve incorrectly installed faucet. - Faucet Knowledge - 1



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