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VIGA teaches you how to solve the problem of odor from the SS304 floor drainer

The bathroom is a place where water is often used. The daily displacement is large, so one or several SS304 floor drainer are often installed.The stainless steel 304 floor drainer is connected to the indoor and sewer pipes. If the floor drainer has a poor odor prevention effect, the odor in the sewer can easily escape into the indoor.Let’s take a look at the causes of the odor at the floor drainer and the corresponding solutions.

  • Installing a SS304 floor drainer with poor deodorization effect
    Causes of odor: Although the floor drainer is small, it has a significant effect. A high quality SS304 floor drainer needs to have various functions such as anti-backwater, insect proof, anti-clogging, and deodorization. The deodorant function should be the most critical function. When installing a floor drainer, if you choose a floor drainer with a weak deodorizing function, it is not surprising that there will be an odor in the bathroom.
    Solution: If the resulting odor in the bathroom is because the floor drainer is not deodorizing, the solution is to replace the floor drainer with well deodorizing function. So how do you choose a floor drain with well deodorant effect? ​​Let’s first understand the principle of deodorization of floor drainer.
    1. The principle of deodorization of floor drain
    Deodorant floor drain can be divided into two categories: water seal odor-resistant floor drainer and self-sealing odor-resistant floor drainer. The principle of water seal odor-resistant floor drainer is to use the water in the trap to achieve the sealing effect; while the self-sealing odor-resistant floor drainer is generally sealed by the mechanical device such as spring, magnet, bearing or soft material to achieve the sealing effect. As long as there is water in the water seal floor drainer, the deodorant effect can be ensured; the self-sealing floor drainer can avoid the situation which the water seal is not deodorized due to the water drying up, but due to using the mechanical device, the deodorant function fails.
    2. Because the bathroom often needs drainage, VIGA recommends to choose deep water seal floor drain, which is not easy to malfunction.
  • The floor drainer is not installed properly.
    Causes of odor: Although you have purchased a high quality floor drain with deodorizing function, after installation, the odor is infiltrated into the room from the floor drainer. The reason is the gap between the surrounding area and the pipe is not sealed, when the floor drainer is installed.
    Solution: If it is because of the gap, you can use glass glue or other adhesive to seal the gap around the floor drainer to ensure that the odor of the sewer can not be emitted through the gap.
  • The deodorization function of floor drainer fail.
    Causes of odor: After the floor drain is installed, it may cause the deodorization function of floor drainer fail due to lack of good maintenance. For example, the water seal floor drain has not been used for a long time, and the water is dry; the floor drain is not cleaned up in time, and it is blocked by dirt such as hair.
    Solution 1: If it is a water seal floor drainer, you should be taken to prevent the water seal from drying out and water should be injected regularly. If the home does not lived for a long time, it is best to seal the floor drainer with a lid to reduce the evaporation of water and also play a role in sealing.
    Solution 2: If it is a self-sealing floor drainer, it must be known that the self-sealing leakage of the seal is generally sealed by the mechanical device such as spring, magnet, bearing or soft material to achieve the sealing effect. However, as the spring grows with the use time, the elasticity is weakened; the magnet is weakened by the adsorption of iron in the water. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check whether the performance of the self-sealing floor drainer is good, and if there is a problem, it needs to be replaced in time.



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