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VIGA teaches you the right choice of bathroom hardware accessories.

When decorating the bathroom, the special bathroom accessories often add color to the bathroom. Today’s bathroom accessories include mirrors, soap counters, towel bars, towel racks, roll holders, clothes hooks and more.

So how to choose high-quality and durable bathroom hardware accessories? Let ’s follow along with me .

Bathroom hardware accessories

1. Look at the brand: If you want to buy after-sale guaranteed bathroom hardware accessories, consumers are better to choose branded hardware accessories. Although the price of the brand’s things is higher, when the quality of the accessories fails, consumers can find the business to replace or repair In general, it is more cost-effective to buy branded hardware accessories.

2. Look at the package: The three sanitary wares occupy the largest position in the bathroom, so you can’t let the sanitary ware match the hardware accessories, but let the hardware accessories match the sanitary ware. When choosing bathroom hardware accessories, you must consider whether these accessories match the purchased sanitary ware.

There are a variety of hardware accessories on the market. Consumers should pay attention to whether the color, material and model meet the overall decoration style of the bathroom. It will look awkward.

3. Look at the materials: The materials of the sanitary hardware accessories in the market are as follows: titanium alloy, brass chromium, stainless steel chrome, aluminum alloy chrome, iron chrome and plastic, etc. The quality of titanium alloy hardware accessories Best, plastic products are of the worst quality. Pure copper chrome-plated products can prevent oxidation and rarely fade.

Stainless steel chrome plating is cheap, but the use time is relatively short. Although hardware accessories are small things, consumers still have to pay attention to choosing good quality products, otherwise they must be replaced every time.

4. Look at the coating: The coating treatment is very important for the hardware pendant, it is related to the product life, smoothness, wear resistance.

Good coated black hair is bright and has a moisturizing feeling, while poor coating is dull. Good coatings are very flat, while inferior coatings will look wavy on the surface.

Depressions on the surface must be inferior products. Good coatings are relatively abrasion-resistant. Samples put out by merchants in the store must be wiped every day. Basically, there are no scratches on the surface of good products, while dense product surfaces have dense scratches.

VIGA teaches you the right choice of bathroom hardware accessories. - Faucet Knowledge - 1



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