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Washbasin and Shower Floor System

Washbasin and Bathe Ground System

Washbasin and bathe ground system SURF® by Gerloff

Fascinating design and approach

Progressive know-how supplied by the lavatory system specialist Gerloff and high-quality porcelain stoneware tiles by AGROB BUCHTAL give rise to a pioneering product: the washbasin and bathe ground system SURF® by Gerloff. Because of its purist design, nice number of supplies and progressive drainage approach, SURF® is predestined for the aesthetically demanding design of recent loos. Whether or not that includes a cement, wooden, concrete or terrazzo look, the system affords loads of scope for design as washbasins and bathe flooring may be mixed with all tile collection and floor finishes. In that case desired, the wash- basin and wall tiles may be merged to kind a visible unit, whereby the washbasin may be tailored to any set up scenario.

The drainage system has been given a wholly new design: a slim groove of low depth milled into the tile floor with a uniform slope for gathering the water draining off linearly. It empties itself because of the capillary impact and channels the water in direction of the purpose discharge. The identical drainage approach can be built-in within the new jointless bathe ground system.

Designed for speedy and easy mounting, the bathe ground and washbasin stand out because of their glorious ease of upkeep. The antibacterial Hytect know-how which eliminates pollution and creates a wholesome indoor local weather minimises cleansing of the ceramic surfaces. Each programs are provided prepared for laying.

Excellent tiles for the design bathe

The bathe ground within the respective collection is on the market in two variants: as SURF® Fundamental with metallic discharge cowl or SURF® Slot with the elegant, virtually invisible tile discharge cowl. The drain know-how is built-in ready-installed within the tile.

Bathe ground system Fundamental with metallic discharge cowlBathe ground system Slot with tile discharge cowl
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Engaging and sensible:

  • Minimalist design
  • Numerous floor finishes
  • Jointless
  • Simple-clean
  • Syphon screwed watertight to the tile
  • Cheap
  • Quick and straightforward set up

Washbasin and Shower Floor System - Blog - 3

The aesthetic tile washbasin

The monolithic washbasin SURF® is on the market in two sizes: medium and huge. By deciding on the corresponding floor finishes and mixing with matching large-format wall tiles, the washbasin and wall may be designed to kind a visible unit.

Elegant and versatile:

  • Constantly purist design
  • Numerous floor finishes
  • Appropriate for any set up scenario
  • Cheap
  • Connection to all commonplace drain valves
  • Simple-clean
  • Jointless





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