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What Are The Intelligent Faucets? Smart Faucet Top Ten Brand Ranking Recommendations

The progress of technology has made our lives more convenient, and many intelligent products have quietly stepped into our lives at some point.

What are the characteristics of smart faucets? The progress of technology makes our life more convenient, many intelligent products somehow quietly stepped into our lives, today China’s famous faucet brand editor brings us those convenient smart home.

What Are The Intelligent Faucets? Smart Faucet Top Ten Brand Ranking Recommendations - Blog - 1

38du Intelligent Thermostat Faucet

The whole faucet looks strong lines, dynamic and stylish appearance, suitable for a variety of contemporary kitchen use. TFT high temperature display function of the use of control touch screen control of water temperature and flow. Intelligent constant water temperature, the temperature difference is controlled within a difference of nearly 1 degree Celsius, the perfect solution to the problem of scalding water temperature when the water pressure is insufficient.

Enliten Smart Tap

Enliten Tap is an innovative faucet. It has a very intuitive LED display on the top of the tap. Users can easily dispense water by simply making a touch. When cold water is used, the display turns blue. On the contrary, it turns red, which is very intuitive, and you can freely set the time and the size of the water that comes out.

GROHE Intelligent Basin Faucet

This intelligent faucet features highly ergonomic equipment to ensure easy and comfortable operation. At the same time, the water flow rate and temperature are precisely set by electronic temperature control, and the set parameters are immediately displayed on the screen. Users can simply touch the water with their hands to be able to switch between different spray modes such as side spray and handheld at will.

Iwash Intelligent Concept Faucet

Faucet top ten brands iWash looks not much different from the general sensor faucet, only the shape into a large disc shower shape. But it is it has a built-in digital microscope that allows you to see the form of bacteria from the screen above while washing your hands. It and the general sensor faucet water principle is the same, the outermost layer of the disc is a dense circle of water holes, hand close to the water will automatically come out.

LEVIS Full Touch Screen Concept Faucet

LEVIS design is inspired by nature, the faucet is designed in the shape of a leaf. It is divided into two pieces, the left side of which controls the size of the water flow, and the right side controls the temperature of the water. Only this leaf looks like it has been torn along the bottom and water flows through it, with a sense of flow after the rain drops down the leaves.

Sma Wash Multifunctional Smart Faucet

This faucet combines the functions of water dispensing, hand soap, and drying together, eliminating the need to install a separate hand soap device. It features digital LCD panel buttons and a touch screen for more intuitive setting of individual functions. Multi-functional selection is made by slide control, and the commands are executed in the order of the sequence when slide control is used. When running water, there are lights shot out, producing an even light-activated water curtain effect, very awesome.

Audi Intelligent Concept Faucet

Fraser Leid has designed a product that turns the hand-washing experience upside down, Hudōr Faucet, and from the looks of it, we wouldn’t expect this black ring-shaped guy to be a faucet. Its components are not only directly connected to the water source, but even the fluid soap and poison solution are also mixed into the faucet design, allowing you to wash your hands safely and conveniently.



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