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What are the precautions for using a thermostatic faucet?

Thermostatic taps are acceptable for shower facilities in houses, resorts, and public baths, in addition to environments where water stress varies often, such as barber shops. As a result of the precise inner arrangement, once we use it, there are a few differences from normal faucets. Now I will let you know about the ten measures when using taps. 1. Users with little solid lumps in tap water aren’t acceptable for using thermostatic taps; two. Faucet water containing powdery residue or soft overseas objects can lessen the sensitivity of this thermostatic spool and could also shorten the service life of this thermostatic faucet; 3. Make an effort to shorten the space between the water heater and the tap, so the hot water may get to the faucet after you can; 4. The warm and cold water distribution pipe should not be set up incorrect, the warm water heater has to be on the left, along with the cold water pipe has to be about the right; Clean the installation site prior to the tap, so as to not harm the faucet’s rubber band, ribbon, thermostatic valve center and other components with little sandstones; 6. Please install according to the directions of this guide, paying particular attention to not flow, damage or lose some gasket Or aprons; 7. The shower head and shower tube can’t withstand the high temperatures over 60 ℃; 9. If the water pressure gap between warm water and cold water is too big, please fix the valve of this bracket using a screwdriver. Households with gas water heaters will need to pay additional attention for this.



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