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What are the types of Yuba? Yuba purchase points introduction

When winter comes, bathing will become a headache for many people. Even taking off clothes is troublesome, and taking a bath makes people feel cold. Yuba, as an essential electrical appliance in the bathroom in autumn and winter, is also an important role to protect us. To buy Yuba, you need to start with the quality and details to choose the most suitable product. The following editor will introduce you to the types of Yuba and the main points of Yuba purchase. Yuba is a good assistant to ensure bathing in winter, but there are many notable places in the purchase and use of Yuba. Choosing a good product can help us feel more comfortable bathing. Yuba type one: bulb series Yuba bulb-type Yuba is also the most common type of Yuba. It uses a special infrared quartz heating bulb as a heat source to heat the indoor air by direct radiation. Without preheating, you can instantly get a large range. Heating effect. The bulb-shaped Yuba heating effect is concentrated and strong, without preheating, which is very suitable for groups with fast-paced life. Two types of Yuba: PTC material Yuba PTC is a ceramic electric heating element. Its heating is similar to the principle of air conditioning heating. Only heat does not emit light, which can effectively avoid light pollution. This type of material has a fast heating, high thermal efficiency, no open flame, and double insurance is safe and reliable. It is a good choice for families with elderly and children. Three types of bath heaters: double-heater bath heaters. The double-heater bath heaters mainly use the far-infrared heating radiation of bulbs and the integrated application of PTC ceramic heating elements. The heating efficiency is very fast, suitable for people with high requirements for bathing environments. Four types of Yuba: Gold tube Yuba Gold tube Yuba is made of special thick glass. It has a quartz bulb and tungsten wire, which can effectively avoid the obstruction of the optical path and the decline in thermal efficiency caused by the blackening of the tube wall. The golden tube Yuba has a lighter texture, energy saving and power saving, and is sensitive to the control device. It is suitable for families with thin ceilings. The purchase of Yuba The main point of Yuba purchase: Yuba installation wire diameter is not less than 1mm. The operating power of Yuba can reach more than 1100w, and it has been in a bathroom with a humid environment for a long time. The power wiring of Yuba must be a waterproof wire, preferably a multi-wire copper core wire of no less than 1mm, and all power wiring needs to be embedded in the wall with plastic hidden pipes to eliminate the setting of the bright wire. Yuba purchase point two: standing under Yuba should not be more than half an hour. When Yuba turns on four bulbs for lighting at the same time, its power can reach as high as 1100w. Long-term use can even trip some older residential lines. Under Yuba The standing time should not be too long, it is generally best not to exceed half an hour to avoid being injured by strong light radiation. The main point of buying Yuba: The thickness of Yuba is preferably less than 20 cm. Because Yuba is generally installed on the indoor ceiling, in order to avoid the pressure caused by Yuba on the ceiling and the difficulty of decoration, it is better to choose Yuba products with a thinner texture. In general, the maximum thickness of Yuba should not exceed 20 cm. The purchase point of Yuba is four: the pass rate of Yuba’s random inspection is only about 50%. Due to the low entry threshold for Yuba production and the relatively low technical content, there are many brands in the product market, various products are emerging, and the overall quality is also uneven. According to the survey data released by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, nearly 40% of the sampling inspections of indoor heating products are unqualified, and the qualified rate in some areas is only about 50%.



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