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What should I pay attention to when using electric water heaters in winter?

In winter, electric water heaters are frequently used, which can not only facilitate home life, but also have potential safety hazards. So what should we pay attention to when using electric water heaters? 1. The room temperature is low. After the hot water flows out, a large amount of heat is quickly dissipated into the air, which reduces the heat of the water. Therefore, the temperature can be adjusted appropriately in winter, which can effectively save electricity. The electric water heater can be plugged in for a long time, which can reduce the energy consumption when the appliance is started, and save electricity. When the frequency of use of the electric water heater is relatively reduced, for example, if the electric water heater is not used for more than three days, the power supply should be unplugged and plugged in before use, which saves more power. 2. Adjust the degree of the water heater to about 65 degrees Celsius, then the electricity consumption is the most economical. Use water storage type electric water heater with good thermal insulation performance to regularly remove residual dirt and debris on the shower and filter screen to avoid clogging and affect the use effect. 3. Install a bath heater in the bathroom to increase the ambient temperature and prevent colds. At the same time, you can lower the height of the shower head so that the warm water mixed from the water heater can be sprayed on the body in the shortest time to reduce heat loss. 4. The power supply wire used by the electric water heater must meet the rated current value of the water heater. For the first use or maintenance, the first use after cleaning, the water heater must be filled with water before connecting the power supply. The power socket must have a reliable ground wire. When using, it is strictly prohibited to pull out the power plug with wet hands. 5. The service life of the electric water heater generally does not exceed 6 years. If it continues to be used beyond the age limit, there will be hidden safety hazards, and it must be replaced in time.



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