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What to do about a leaky kitchen faucet

Faucet to a certain age or improper use of water leakage phenomenon will occur, kitchen faucet leakage how to deal with?1. Leakage at the spout: kitchen faucet leakage, encounter water leakage at the spout, is due to the faucet shaft gasket wear caused. The water outlet leak solution: use pliers to turn the gland lock loose and remove, to clamp the shaft gasket out, replaced with a new shaft gasket can be. 2. faucet lock lower gap leak: faucet lock lower gap leak, because the gland within the triangle gasket wear caused by. Kitchen faucet leaking faucet leaking seam below the leaking solution: you can turn the screw loose to remove the head, then the gland loose to remove, and then the gland inside the triangle seal shop out, replaced with a new can. 3. take over the joint leakage: take over the joint leakage, roughly the cap type nut loose caused by. The solution to the leaky joints in the kitchen: you can re-tighten the cap nut or replace it with a new U-gasket. For more information on faucets, faucet prices and other issues, please visit China Faucet Industry Website: http://vigafaucet.com/

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