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What would retro and age collide to come out of the tap, and what would it look like?

Before the prevalence of plumbing taps, residents are using pressure wells to fetch water, using the principle of the piston to pump water from the ground up to fetch water, this way, although it is difficult to fetch water, but for children, it adds a lot of fun. Going back to modern faucets, most of them are made up of a base, spout and switch. Switch or twist or up and down. The thermostatic mixing faucet is usually controlled by a left-right rotary switch. The Noah faucet is a metal faucet made of Noah metal, with a solid black surround and only two thin sticks, one for the base and thermostat and one for the spout and opening. This shape is a pressurized well seen in the early years, but it is much more convenient than a pressurized well, and the water comes out with one press, primitive but useful. The top temperature control torque can be flipped 90 degrees and adjusted as needed. Noah’s height is suitable for use with bathtubs, and can be made into a floor bath faucet with gentle water flow, which can replace the shower. The faucet designer’s unique design, combining childhood sentiment and modern technology to create a faucet, is not very appealing to the heart?



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