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Why can Huida Sanitary Ware be selected for the inspection of the Prime Minister in Canton Fair?

26,000 companies to choose 3, why can Huida Sanitary Ware be selected for the inspection of the Prime Minister in Canton Fair?


On June 15, Li Keqiang, member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and Premier of the State Council, attended the opening ceremony of the 127th Canton Fair in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. At about 10 am, Premier Li Keqiang announced the opening of the Canton Fair and then toured the online exhibition hall.

Affected by COVID-19, the innovative method of this Canton Fair will be held online. 26,000 enterprises from nearly 16 categories of commodities at home and abroad participated in the exhibition, including leading enterprises in various industries such as electronic home appliances, building materials and hardware, fabric home textiles, food and beverage etc.. Huida Sanitary Ware, Gree Electric Appliances, and Loctek Technology, as representatives of Canton Fair exhibitors, were inspected by Premier online.

During the online inspection, Wang Yanqing, President of Huida Sanitary Ware, told the Prime Minister that Huida has never been absent for 23 years since joining the Canton Fair in 1998. Through the platform of the Canton Fair, Huida’s export business has covered more than 100 countries and regions around the world. At present, Huida is not only exporting overseas, but also expanding domestic sales, especially targeting the renovation of old communities and providing suitable products.

The Prime Minister applauded that now we are promoting consumption and promoting consumption upgrade. If traditional industries like ceramics are done well, it can also be mined for gold! I hope that you will seize the “big cake” of the old community transformation in the new urbanization construction, make good use of the policy opportunities of the country to promote export to domestic sales, and continuously improve the quality and rich varieties to better meet the needs of thousands of households. At the same time, we should keep improve product competitiveness and open up more space for development in the international market.

The Prime Minister emphasized that China is a large open market with strong growth in the world. We will continue to raise the level of import facilitation, increase the import of marketable products, and allow companies from all countries to share opportunities in China’s large market. We are willing to work with other countries to add strength to the recovery and development of the world economy.

Huida Sanitary Ware was greatly encouraged, and Wang Yanqing reported good news to the Prime Minister: During the COVID-19, Huida developed a lot of smart products and health products, which are very popular and welcomed by the market. Wang Yanqing promised to the Prime Minister: Huida will keep the Prime Minister’s instructions in mind, and seize the opportunity to renovate old communities and new infrastructure to the basic goals and tasks of the year’s development!



With 26,000 to choose 3, how does Huida stand out?

How did Huida Sanitary Ware stand out from the list and was successfully selected as the premier inspection company? Comprehensive the official information of the Canton Fair, national news reports and enterprise information and other channels to understand, Huida’s advantages in these six areas can be used for reference by industries:

  1. The growth of Huida Sanitary Ware is closely related to the Canton Fair.

Huida has never been absent from the Canton Fair since 1998 when it first participated in the fair, and has won many Canton Fair design awards. The Canton Fair has always been a key channel for Huida to explore the international market and win overseas customers, which has gradually driven Huida from the small scale and backward technology to a domestically advanced A-share listed integrated sanitary ware enterprise with advanced technology, and its products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions. It can be said that the Canton Fair is an important ladder to realize Huida Sanitary Ware’s vision and dream of “Huida China, up to the world”.

  1. Huida adheres to its own brand to develop the international market and win the respect of Chinese ceramics in the world.

In the early 1990s, Huida actively responded to the slogan “Make foreign exchange for national exports” and steadfastly expanded enterprise exports. In the environment of “low quality and low prices” flooding the international market, it insisted on winning by quality and show the world business card of Chinese ceramics with its own brand. At present, Huida has been operating successfully with its own brand in more than 70 countries and regions around the world. In 2011, Huida Sanitary Ware realized the ice-breaking journey of national sanitary ware. It represented China Sanitary Ware for the first time at the International Sanitary Ware Exhibition Hall in Frankfurt, Germany, and competed with the international sanitary ware giants, to complete the puzzle of the Chinese bathroom. Huida tells the world with its strength that China’s sanitary ware has risen, and China is accelerating its transformation from a manufacturing power country to a brand power country.

  1. Innovation representatives of traditional enterprises. The Prime Minister encouraged Huida that ceramics are a typical traditional industry, and if they are well developed, they can alsobe dug out of the “gold mine”.

Huida Sanitary Ware always believes that ceramic sanitary wares are closely related to the people’s happiness at home and are always driven by innovation development. From an endless stream of independent patents to the establishment of a livable China alliance, it promoted the development of residential industrialization. From the first to open the storm of smart bathroom popularization, to take the lead to start the “whole bathroom” industry, etc., Huida continues to promote the development of the industry by technological innovation, marketing innovation, and strategic innovation, providing consumers with high-quality, beautiful bathroom life experience.

  1. Resolutely implement the spirit of the General Secretary’s speech on fully winning both the victory of COVID-19 prevention and control,and economic and social development.

During the COVID-19, Huida assisted 50 epidemic prevention and control hospitals in the country with 15,843 sanitary products, and insisted on no layoffs or production cuts, and supported distributors to overcome difficulties. This is also consistent with the “six guarantees” and “six stability” policy requirements advocated by the government. Huida actively takes all possible measures for this purpose, such as digital marketing transformation, increace income and decrease expenditure, and strengthening engineering project cooperation. While fully fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities, it strives to achieve both victory in epidemic prevention and control and company development.


  1. The first to test the digital transformation of foreign tradewith full of highlights.

Since March of this year, Huida has been actively preparing for the 127th Canton Fair through various methods such as live show training and online product display. Huida has done a good job in establishing a professional live show team, which includes creating the most competitive products and solutions according to the characteristics of various regions of the world, making multilingual sales team to work multiple shifts to ensure smooth live show with business inquiries, and increasing international social media promotion, etc. to ensure the online live show runs smoothly, and provide a high-quality online exhibition experience for global merchants.


  1. Turning crisis into opportunity is a successful example of export-to-domestic sales.

Huida previously seized the opportunity of domestic demand growth during the global financial crisis in 2008 and successfully transformed from an export-oriented enterprise to a domestic-oriented enterprise. Since the opening year of 2020, Huida has seized the big cake of old community transformation and “new infrastructure” in the new urbanization construction, and jointly established a new infrastructure industry alliance to make good use of the country’s policy opportunities to promote export to domestic sales, and once again become an industry development Example.


“Huida Style” Canton Fair Live Show:

According to national conditions, customized for all scenes

At this year’s Canton Fair, the newly completed R&D center exhibition hall of Huida Sanitary Ware has become a live show exhibition room. The new products are displayed on the online platform of the professional host team by”different areas, different live show content” to overseas buyers around the world. Huida made the live show mode through the creation of “top products debut + professional hosts+ real aesthetics + production line display + online order” allowing overseas buyers to learn about Huida’s latest products, latest technologies and corporate culture through the VR showroom, and realizing the factory inspection by video and “zero distance” service.

Huida has more than 200 products exhibited online this year. In addition to the smart toilet, hardware, bathroom cabinet and other parts of the sanitary ware category etc., Huida has also included ceramic tiles, housewares and other products in the online live show to display overseas customers the spatial aesthetics of the bathroom. In addition, Huida timely captured the consumer demand during the COVID-19, and this online exhibition focused on health products. Huida has specially developed live show rooms with multiple health themes such as “caring for health” and “lifetime care”. Through product display, customer case analysis and real-life aesthetics, It can meet the consumer demand for healthy sanitary products.

The application of new technologies in the online Canton Fair has also laid the foundation for Huida to create strong interaction, customized content, and all-day live show rooms. Huida divided the live show area into South America, North America, Europe and other live show rooms according to the consumer scenes and preferences of different countries and regions in the world. Correspondingly, 29 different live show themes were introduced, and new technologies were applied to break through the space limitations by integrating ceramics, hardware, smart, housing, and other 4.0 industrial production lines and Huida Museum to moved to the Canton Fair in the form of live show, allowing customers to achieve video inspection in live interactive and immersive VR viewing exhibition, so as to understand Huida in multiple dimensions and in-depth.

In order to allow overseas customers to enjoy the perfect live show, Huida Sanitary Ware’s foreign trade business team has arranged live show training since April. In May, it has done a lot of overseas live shows and factory 4.0 production line actual combat exercises. The entire team is divided into different divisions of live show hosts, live show assistants, scheduling, business follow-up, etc. Through continuous rechecks, the selected hosts are very familiar with the product and the market, not only preparing for the Canton Fair live show, but also for the global marketing normalization of the live show to lay a solid foundation.

As the Prime Minister said, ceramics, such a traditional industry, do well as can also be mined for gold! Therefore, the outstanding ceramic sanitary ware enterprises represented by Huida and the “excellent foreign trade students” should make good use of the national policy opportunities to promote export to domestic sales, continuously improve the quality, rich the varieties, and better meet the needs of thousands of households. At the same time, the enterprises should keep improve product competitiveness and open up more space for development in the international market.



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