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Why can’t we use the overnight water of the faucet directly?

In our daily life, every morning, we will open the faucet to wash, but many people ignore an important thing, that is, the overnight water in the faucet. The overnight water in the faucet is best not to be taken directly for washing, even if it is boiled and brought to drink, it will not work! In normal circumstances, you should open the faucet in the morning, put it in water for about 1 minute, and use it to wash the bathroom, water the flowers, wash the floor, etc. So why is the overnight water of the faucet not directly usable?
1. The faucet overnight water may harbor Legionella that causes pneumonia
Legionella pneumonia is the most serious form of atypical pneumonia, with a mortality rate of up to 45%. According to research, Legionella can be separated from tap water pipes in lakes, hotels, hospitals and homes. Therefore, it is highly probable that Legionella is present in the faucet overnight water, and people who are directly eating overnight water are prone to Legionella pneumonia. .

2.Long-term drinking water pipe inside the overnight water may lead to lead poisoning
The water in the water pipe reacts with the metal of the faucet or the water pipe to form metal-contaminated water, and the microorganisms in the tap water can also produce harmful substances after one night of breeding. If the faucet used is a poor quality faucet, It is more likely to cause excessive lead in the water.
It is well known that excessive lead into the human body can damage the brain’s nerve tissue, causing insufficient oxygen supply, causing brain tissue damage, leading to symptoms such as anemia, headache, and sleepiness. What’s more, entering children or pregnant women can cause irreparable damage to underage children, including developmental delays, deformities, and premature babies.
Therefore, when we use the faucet every day, it is best to open the faucet and put it for 1 minute, clean the overnight water, and use the water bottle to hold the overnight water to avoid wasting resources.



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