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Why Is The Bathroom Cabinet Made Of A Few Pieces Of Wood Can Be Sold For Thousands Of Thousands Of Yuan?

Why Is The Bathroom Cabinet Made Of A Few Pieces Of Wood Can Be Sold For Thousands Of Thousands Of Yuan?

Why Is The Bathroom Cabinet Made Of A Few Pieces Of Wood Can Be Sold For Thousands Of Thousands Of Yuan? - Blog - 1

Now there are a wide variety of bathroom cabinets on the market, and brands are innumerable. People who have bought cabinets may have such questions: why is a bathroom cabinet made of a few pieces of wood can be sold for thousands of thousands of yuan? Today, I take you into the bathroom cabinet factory of solid wood and decipher the production process of solid wood cabinets. Let’s see if the solid wood bathroom cabinets are worth the price?

How many bathroom cabinets can a ton of wood actually do?

First look at the more professional cost analysis.

The loss of moisture after drying is 15%

Flat sawing average loss of 8%

Planing loss of 8%

Carving molding loss 18%

Splintering damage white fat all removed loss of 20%

The actual utilization rate is only 31%

So, please do not think that a ton of material to make a ton of bathroom cabinets.

I am here today to tell you that

In the production process, what is the loss of wood for bathroom cabinets?

The wood opening process includes the cutting of large and small materials, the adjustment of straight and curved materials, etc. These processes will produce a lot of wood powder, wood chips, loss of a lot of wood. The amount of loss is 8% of the whole wood.

During the opening process, the parts containing white bark, insect eyes and rotten heart are removed. This is the part that generates the most waste from the whole piece. The waste varies from wood to wood, but the percentage of waste wood can reach 20% on average. All these scraps are completely unusable for making bathroom cabinets.

The wood has to be dried several times before it can be used. The loss of moisture after drying is 15%, which means that the weight of the wood will be reduced by 15%.

For carving and shaping, the wood loss is 18%.

Bathroom cabinets are assembled and scraped and sanded before being painted. It is using more than ten kinds of scraping tools for scraping in order to make the bathroom cabinet flat. After the completion of the scraping, you also need to use a different number of sandpaper for sanding, in order to make the cabinet texture fine. This will consume a lot of wood.

Therefore, for a ton of wood, its actual utilization rate is only 31%, or even lower.

Walk into the solid wood bathroom cabinet factory, and decipher the production process of solid wood cabinets in-depth:


Process Of Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinet

Material Preparation

Why Is The Bathroom Cabinet Made Of A Few Pieces Of Wood Can Be Sold For Thousands Of Thousands Of Yuan? - Blog - 2

(1) Board Drying.

First, wood drying. The moisture content of the wood is controlled at 8%-12%. After drying the wood is not easy to appear burst deformation phenomenon.

(2) Balance.

Drying the wood after a period of time in order to let the wood restore its balance.


Process Of Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinet

Woodworking Process

Solid wood bathroom cabinet to go through: under the material → trimming → flat planer → bending saw → pressure planer → gong machine → tenon machine → planer → platform planing → assembly → wood grinding.


Process Of Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinet

Carving Process

The first step: drawing samples. Attach the prepared paper film to the solid wood board that needs to be carved, and then depict the pattern of the paper film on the solid wood board.

Step 2: Blanking. Each detail is carefully carved out. A centimeter of width has a centimeter of depth.

Step 3: Trimming the flowers. It is more in line with the high taste of the modern elite class while retaining the traditional cultural elements.

Step 4: Scraping and grinding. Scrape and smooth the burrs on the edges of the pattern.

Step 5: Polishing. Finish the carved template for polishing.


Process Of Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinet

Painting Process

Why Is The Bathroom Cabinet Made Of A Few Pieces Of Wood Can Be Sold For Thousands Of Thousands Of Yuan? - Blog - 3

Multi-layer paint has dazzled the editor.

The first realm: color repair – brush a PU – batch of gray – gray grinding – secondary PU – oil grinding – primer (spray PE) white – secondary oil grinding

The second realm: open paint – drawing – fill gray – gray grinding – bottom oil (spray open paint bottom oil) – oil grinding – rubbing the first color – the second bottom oil – three oil grinding – the second rubbing color – three bottom oil – oil grinding – surface oil

The third realm: rubbing color – primer – oil grinding – rubbing color – second primer – batch of gray – gray grinding – three times primer – oil grinding – quality inspection – surface oil

After these three realms of refinement, a complete bathroom cabinet is finally born.

Behind the good product, a process can not be saved. I have been deeply convinced.


Process Of Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinet

Packaging Process

Do not think that this is a small packaging process, bathroom cabinet packaging process is actually meticulous work: inspection → adhesive pad → inside and outside cleaning → package of pearl cotton → installed carton → foot pads → for the wooden frame → booking wooden frame → factory.

Behind this small bathroom cabinet, we see the culture behind strict, persistent, excellence. So please do not say that my bathroom cabinet is sold expensively.


Bathroom Cabinets To Buy


What Are The Combinations

In addition to focusing on quality, but also focusing on and other bathroom products with the bathroom. So, it is necessary to understand the combination of bathroom cabinets what are the way.

Freestanding: freestanding cabinets are suitable for single owners and rented apartments. It is simple, small footprint, easy to clean. It has all the functions of storage, washing and lighting.

Double: The double cabinet is the best choice for a duo with a large bathroom. It can avoid the situation where two people have their hands full in the morning because they are waiting to use one sink. This is not only very hygienic, but the users can place items according to their respective habits.

Combination: A combination cabinet has excellent functionality and clear classification. It has both open shelves, drawers and flat doors. It also comes in different shapes and sizes. You can choose different combinations and placement according to the frequency of use and the number of items.

Why Is The Bathroom Cabinet Made Of A Few Pieces Of Wood Can Be Sold For Thousands Of Thousands Of Yuan? - Blog - 4



Selection Of Skills

The overall effect of the bathroom should be neat and elegant, outstanding personality. The correct choice of bath cabinet is essential. Bath cabinets on the market today are made of a variety of materials, styles and styles vary. Its color is even more dazzling. How do we choose it?

Material: bathroom cabinets on the market today are common: solid wood, stainless steel, PVC, multi-layer panels. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Consumers should choose the right one for themselves.

Style: for ordinary households, cabinets can choose to hang the wall, cabinet legs higher. This can save space, but also can effectively isolate the ground moisture, to prevent the cabinet moisture.

Accessories: in the purchase of bathroom cabinets, you also need to understand whether the metal on the bathroom cabinet after moisture waterproof treatment. If the accessories are stainless steel or bath cabinet special aluminum products, but also relatively good care. If you use copper products or iron products that are prone to rust, then you will be no less troubled in your daily life.

Cabinet hinges open degree: in the manufacturing process, its deviations will cause some bathroom cabinet hinges to open too small. This will be very inconvenient in daily life and use. So also pay attention to the opening degree of the hinge. Only when the opening angle reaches 180 degrees, it can be more convenient to access the items.

Waterproof performance of the cabinet water pipe: As the cabinet is connected to the water pipe and valve, so be sure to understand the water-resistance of the water pipe and valve closure, in order to avoid leaving unnecessary trouble for future maintenance and overhaul.



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