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Why is the faucet called “faucet”?

Faucets are things we use every day. Have we ever wondered why faucets are called “faucets”? Instead of being called “Water Snake Head” or “Water Tiger Head”? How did the name “faucet” come from, and it is still used today. It is said that before the emergence of the faucet, a “flow nozzle” was inlaid on the wall of the water supply spring. The water flowing through this “flow nozzle” has not been under any control. Faucet. For the origin of the name of the faucet, the first statement is said to be that the ancient people thought that the rain is related to the spitting of water in the Longkou of Yunju, and the more direct statement is related to the ancient fire fighting equipment-the water dragon, which is inextricably linked. relationship. In the early Qing Dynasty, the Japanese introduced a fire-fighting equipment to Shanghai. This kind of equipment can spray water without interruption. It is similar to the dragon that can spray water in the sky. It is called “water dragon”, and the sprinkler is called “faucet”. For the “leader”. The second argument refers to the fact that the Emperor Qianlong saw a Western fountain while building a luxurious western garden in the mid-18th century, so he also wanted to build a fountain in the palace. Therefore, the European painter Lang Shining designed the bronze head of the Chinese zodiac and placed it in the garden. The head of the animal was sprayed in turn every two hours. This is the prototype of the Chinese faucet. Every place is engraved with a faucet, and water flows out of the dragon’s mouth, so the faucet gets its name. After reading the above introduction, does it add a little bit of knowledge, do you think the origin of the name “faucet” is very interesting?



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