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Why is there a gap in toilet in USA?

Why is there a gap in toilet in USA?

Affecting by environment and geographical factors, people in different region are always holding different opinions, and they have different cultures and custom. Sometimes, cultures differences will bring you great shock. When you are traveling oversea, you may feel shocked more obviously.

For example, you may find there is a gap in the toilet when you are in the USA. Why they have this design? What is the gap for?

Let’s see, this kind of design was even written in law, it is the law makes toilet manufacturer to do do so. In the US law, it is set that the toilet in public area must be having a gap in the front side, and the material has to be smooth enough.

As we all know, man and woman is using toilet in different ways. This kind of design can help woman easily drop the pantyliners. When there is a gap in the front of toilet, it can avoid woman’s hand touching on the toilet, it is a very smart design, it cares about woman a lot.

It is a very simple idea, but not many manufacture is caring about it.



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