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You should know this knowledge about filters

[China Faucet Industry Network] Now everyone is very concerned about the health of water, so various water purification products are constantly being developed, and slowly enter the public’s vision. But there must be a lot of people doubting this question: Is the filtering faucet useful? Can water purifiers really purify water? Today, the editor will give a detailed introduction to one of the water purification products-the filtered faucet. Come take a look! Water faucet 1. The concept of tap water filtration faucet refers to a miniature water purification device that is directly installed and hung on the household faucet. It simply filters the tap water through PP cotton, activated carbon, compressed carbon, etc., mainly for cooking, washing vegetables, and washing the face , Brush your teeth, etc. to provide purified water. Generally, it is not recommended to directly drink the water from the filtered faucet. The filtering faucet can filter out all beneficial and harmful substances in the water, which is suitable for families with serious scale. Some experts pointed out that 88% of the world’s diseases are caused by unsafe drinking water and lack of sanitation facilities. The tap water flowing out of the faucet, although guaranteed by the disinfection treatment of the water plant, is often prone to secondary pollution during the transmission process. The so-called secondary pollution refers to the pollution generated in the process of water pipe transportation after the tap water is processed by the water plant. It is mainly the rust and other impurities caused by the aging of the water pipe and the by-products of the disinfection of the water plant chlorine preparation. In order to avoid and reduce secondary pollution, households in developed countries such as the United States and Japan will use filtering faucets, a kind of mobile and simple filtering devices. In addition, the filtering faucet also has the following three functions: 1. Different filtering functions have different types of filtering faucets, there are simple filtering, such as relying on PP cotton, activated carbon, compressed carbon and other relatively low-cost faucet water purification There are also better, such as through the reverse osmosis membrane to filter the tap water thoroughly, such as pure water machine; there are ultrafiltration membranes to filter tap water to make it to the kitchen, drinking water and other ultrafiltration water purifiers, These different types of tap water filters have their own functions. 2. Adjust the acidity and alkalinity of the water quality. The water quality itself has hardness and acidity and alkalinity. Both acid and alkali are harmful to human health. After using the filtered faucet, the acidity and alkalinity of the water can be adjusted. 3. Most of the water used to filter impurities in cities comes from water purification plants. However, in the process of water purification, chemicals such as bleach disinfectant are used, and certain chlorine or ammonia will remain after use. In the process of running tap water, we will enter our kitchen through a series of water pipes and enter our lives. Iron pipes will inevitably produce some rust after long-term use. For these substances, the filtering faucet can be well solved. 3. Misunderstandings in the selection of taps for tap water filtration Misunderstanding 1: The more product filters, the better. There are not as many filter elements as possible. Some low-end water purification products use four or five filter elements, but they use simple filter materials, and the filtering effect may not be as strong as a high-performance filter element. The editor of the decoration network recommends that the last filter of drinking water should be discarded as much as possible to avoid secondary pollution. Myth 2: Look at the brand without considering professionalism. Many well-known brands belong to businesses that operate a variety of household appliances. Their goal is to meet the ordinary life needs of the low-end market and can only produce low-grade ordinary water purification equipment. The complexity of household water purification, especially direct drinking water, is a team that requires professional research and development. Therefore, everyone should try to choose the brand of water purification equipment made by professional water purification companies. Not only will the technical quality be well guaranteed, but it will also give You provide more professional services. Myth 3: Activated carbon filtration technology is outdated. This is not the case, activated carbon is the best filter adsorption material in nature. Almost all water purifiers use activated carbon. If activated carbon is not used, no matter how high the filtration accuracy is, the taste of the water will be reduced. There are three types of activated carbon: granular, powdered and activated carbon rods. The first two are low-cost, but the filtration is often incomplete. The latter is a safer option and can be completely filtered. Misunderstanding 4: The filter element can not be replaced for a long time. In fact, the filter element that will block is the good filter element, which also shows that the water purifier is indeed effective. The market claims that the filter element does not need to be replaced for 3 to 5 years, which is often exaggerated. Don’t over-purchase cheap ones. Water purifiers are still the demand of people who pursue high-end quality of life in China. Generally speaking, the high price effect will be relatively better. In addition, the life of high-quality filter elements and the amount of purified water will be better, and the price will naturally go up. But the overall calculation is still cost-effective. Everyone is welcome to pay more attention to the Chinese faucet industry network (vigafaucet.com), get more faucet culture, information and encyclopedia, let you know more about faucets. Thank you all for watching! You can also forward and collect



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